I’m back…

I have been back (from Florida) since Wednesday early afternoon and I made it to Claudia’s birthday (March 22)! yay.

Aside from unpacking my luggages all I have done so far is sleep. Especially on my first day, I literally slept the whole day. I was in 3 different time zones in 10 days and my body clock was confused.

I’m glad to be back home but after spending 10 days with my siblings it take some adjusting. I can’t help but miss them. Altho’ it was not a happy occasion but just being together with them even for a couple of days was more than enough.

My brother in law’s memorial service was last March 15, the week the temperature in Florida dropped.

When I was packing for my trip I asked my sister what to bring with me. She told me to bring just light sweaters. So that was what I brought with me. I was feeling cold the whole time I was there (you know me).

Especially during the day of the memorial service. It was held in an open venue (Veteran’s cemetery). The service took an hour and every time the wind would blow I feel I would die. I think I died a million times.

It was my first time to attend a U.S. Military memorial service and I was in awe. It was very solemn, very patriotic and you can feel how much they respect and honor their soldiers.

This was taken in my sisters house right before we left for the service

Me, my sister Susan, my brother Chris and my sister Putchie
Putchie, Chris, Susan and me

Please give me time to normalize my schedule and most especially adjust to our time zone. Needless to say I will be very busy the next few weeks. You can just imagine the pile of work to be done.

I’m touching base with you guys.

I’m back.


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