Haul: Too Faced

When my sister, Susan, came home from L.A. a few weeks ago to attend the first death anniversary of my brother, she brought me a lot of stuff (mostly make up).

I want to share with you all the Too Faced palettes and Too Faced Holiday 2016 sets that she got for me.

There were a few Too Faced palettes that I wanted her to get for me. I’m kinda late with these palettes already since these came out mid last year. I’m sure you guys have these palettes already by now.

When they first came out I asked my friend Tess (from New York) to get for me but she couldn’t get hold of them. She went to all Sephora’s in Manhattan but it was out of stock.

When my sister asked me what else I still don’t have in my collection I told her right away. Can you just imagine how happy I was when she told me she found them. I think she got it in Ulta.

Too Faced  Chocolate Bon Bon



Too Faced Sweet Peach



One of the things that I love about Too Faced palettes is they smell so good. Remember their Chocolate Bar palette? It smells like chocolate you want to eat it.

When I was opening my loot I could already smell the Sweet Peach so with the Chocolate Bon bon. That’s how strong the scent is.

I also love their packaging! I am a sucker for good packaging. Sometimes I buy a product because of the packaging.

When I went to their site during Christmas season (2016) I went crazy with their holiday sets. There were a few palettes that I wanted. I was very close in putting it inside my cart. But I changed my mind last minute. It’s a good thing I didn’t because my sister got me also those Christmas sets that I liked.

Look how cute the packaging is!


Inside are 3 palettes with a sample size of their Better Than Sex Mascara


Gingerbread Cookie, Eggnog Latte, Peppermint Mocha & Better Than Sex Mascara


Pepper Mint Mocha 


Eggnog Latte 


Gingerbread Cookie

img_0669These palettes smell exactly what it says it is!

My sister also got me some blushes and lipsticks Holiday 2016 sets

Too Faced Naughty Kisses & Sweet Cheeks

Crazy In Love blush & Original Lip Injection Gloss


Baby Love blush & Milkshake Lip Injection Gloss


Dream Lover blush & Like A Boss Lip Injection Gloss


And look how cute these are! A make up haul for me is never without highlighters.

Too Faced Let It Glow Highlighter Set


Left to right: Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer, Candlelight Glow Highlighting Duo and a blush in Love Hangover.

The set came with a small pink brush. How cute is that?

(the blush has a small crack. I was too excited when I opened it)

Like I said these came out during the holidays (2016) I’m not sure if you can still get them.

Too Faced Haul 2017

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