The Magic mirror of Chanel

I went to NARS (Rustan’s Department Store Ayala) to check if their new concealer (that comes in a pot) is already available here.

The minute I walked inside Rustan’s the girls in Chanel saw me and kidnapped me and brought me to their counter.

“Mam, available na ho yung Spring Summer 2017 collection namin! Natanggap mo ba yung text ko mam?” – Mam, our Spring Summer 2017 collection is available already! Did you get my text?

I told her, “No, I didn’t get any text.Β  Which was true. I didn’t get a text from them. Not this time anyway (they usually text me if a new collection comes out).

Since I was already in their counter I had no choice but to take a look. While I was sitting down in their make up area, one of the girls opened the light in the mirror and it freaked me out! I was so amazed that I told them to take a video so I can share it with you. Oh, god. I need this in my life!

The light changes! You can adjust according to what time you are going out. Let’s say if you’re going out daytime, you press daytime and the light changes to the light outside during daytime. Then you can start to put on your make up. Or if you’re going out at night you can also change the light. This way you are aware on how much make up you need to put. Isn’t that amazing?

Anyway, here’s the video. The girl explaining to me is Shiela Seiton and the girl who took the video is Gina Francia. They’re my girls in Chanel.

Watch the videoΒ here.

I’ll post my haul tomorrow from Chanel, NARS & Laura Mercier, so watch out for it!


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