Product Review: Slick Case

A year ago when I upgraded my laptop (from Mac Air to Macbook Pro Retina), I couldn’t find a case that I like. Not here in Manila anyway. I tried buying in some stores in Power Plant but I took it off after a few weeks.

I didn’t like it. It was too bulky and I didn’t like the feel. It was pricey but it looked and feel cheap. It was cheap to the touch.

My laptop has been naked. I’d rather have it naked than seeing that ugly and cheap looking laptop case.

My laptop is basically my office and I want it to look good. And nice.

This Christmas (2016) my kids and I decided to choose what gift we like (but we still wrap it and put it under the tree). That way it saves us headache and time. I won’t probably do it when they were younger tho’. But now that they’re all adults I think it’s just politically correct.

I asked Vinny a laptop case. I saw one online that ‘I think’ I like and he told me, “Okay, just order it and use my card.” I don’t know if I’ll be happy or sad. It took away the spirit of Christmas for me. But things have change and it’s all about millennials now. So, let’s go with the flow.

Anyway, back to the laptop case.

Those ads you see on Facebook that comes out in your news feed, you see those? I normally don’t waste my time on those links. I mean I have never tried shopping in any of those links. Until I saw pictures of laptop cases that I liked. So, I clicked it.

The site was called Slick Case (I am sure you have seen this site in your Facebook newsfeed). And the case that I liked was this:




Since it was Christmas season they had a sale going on. The price was cheaper and it comes with an Iphone case. Whooooh!


Their shipping was suppose to be 4 to 10 days but my order took a few days longer since it was out of stock. So, I just waited. It came just a few days before Christmas.

I opened it on Christmas eve and when I saw it I freaked out. It made my Christmas! I put it on my naked laptop right away.

OMG. I was so shocked. I never thought that it was going to be like this. It’s just what I wanted! I like the feel of it, (it doesn’t feel “plastic-ky”), it doesn’t look cheap and you can tell it is well made. I super love it.



I brought my laptop to Tokyo when we left the following day (since I planned to work while we were in Tokyo). And for the first time my laptop felt safe in my carry on. And my phone? Beautiful!

Fast track to last week.

There was one night last week that I had a hard time sleeping (you know that happens sometimes, right?) I opened my laptop.

And the rest is history! hahahaha.

My order arrived today and I am so so so happy! First time I opened a package with my hands shaking. I was that excited!

They were still offering deals that I got last Christmas. I think they offer it all year round. But this time it not only comes with an Iphone case but a keyboard pad as well. And it comes out cheaper.

Altho’ I have already an Iphone case similar to this one I still got it.

White Marble



I couldn’t resist the pink marble! It was just so nice and I didn’t want to choose between the white and the pink. So, I also got the pink one.

Pink Marble



I also found a nice Iphone case that I really like. I would have bought the laptop case of this design if it has. But this design is only for Iphone. I hope they will come out with a laptop case ’cause I’m really going to get it.

Dawn Palm Trees




I already have a palm tree design (Kate Spade, that I got it Vancouver last year) but the color is green and white. This one looks so nice in pink and blue! ughhh, I can’t get over this! I have this on my phone now. It’s so cute.

I super love their Iphone cases cause it’s not bulky. It’s so thin and sleek. Love it! Even their laptop cases are also thin and sleek.

I’m just so happy I discovered this site! Finally, some nice laptop and Iphone cases.

Do you think I’m finish? Uhmmm. No.

I also want this in my life (my next order):


(it doesn’t come with an Iphone case)



Floral Paradise



Isn’t it soooo cute? I gotta have this. I can’t wait.

Go visit their site Slick Case. Warning: it’s highly addictive.

And I am not sponsored. I just want that clear.

And one thing more. Shipping is a breeze and their customer service is impeccable.

By the way, you can find them on Facebook.

Good luck! Don’t go crazy.


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