Product Review: Slick Case

A year ago when I upgraded my laptop (from Mac Air to Macbook Pro Retina), I couldn’t find a case that I like. Not here in Manila anyway. I tried buying in some stores in Power Plant but I took it off after a few weeks.

I didn’t like it. It was too bulky and I didn’t like the feel. It was pricey but it looked and feel cheap. It was cheap to the touch.

My laptop has been naked. I’d rather have it naked than seeing that ugly and cheap looking laptop case.

My laptop is basically my office and I want it to look good. And nice.

This Christmas (2016) my kids and I decided to choose what gift we like (but we still wrap it and put it under the tree). That way it saves us headache and time. I won’t probably do it when they were younger tho’. But now that they’re all adults I think it’s just politically correct.

I asked Vinny a laptop case. I saw one online that ‘I think’ I like and he told me, “Okay, just order it and use my card.” I don’t know if I’ll be happy or sad. It took away the spirit of Christmas for me. But things have change and it’s all about millennials now. So, let’s go with the flow.

Anyway, back to the laptop case.

Those ads you see on Facebook that comes out in your news feed, you see those? I normally don’t waste my time on those links. I mean I have never tried shopping in any of those links. Until I saw pictures of laptop cases that I liked. So, I clicked it.

The site was called Slick Case (I am sure you have seen this site in your Facebook newsfeed). And the case that I liked was this:




Since it was Christmas season they had a sale going on. The price was cheaper and it comes with an Iphone case. Whooooh!


Their shipping was suppose to be 4 to 10 days but my order took a few days longer since it was out of stock. So, I just waited. It came just a few days before Christmas.

I opened it on Christmas eve and when I saw it I freaked out. It made my Christmas! I put it on my naked laptop right away.

OMG. I was so shocked. I never thought that it was going to be like this. It’s just what I wanted! I like the feel of it, (it doesn’t feel “plastic-ky”), it doesn’t look cheap and you can tell it is well made. I super love it.



I brought my laptop to Tokyo when we left the following day (since I planned to work while we were in Tokyo). And for the first time my laptop felt safe in my carry on. And my phone? Beautiful!

Fast track to last week.

There was one night last week that I had a hard time sleeping (you know that happens sometimes, right?) I opened my laptop.

And the rest is history! hahahaha.

My order arrived today and I am so so so happy! First time I opened a package with my hands shaking. I was that excited!

They were still offering deals that I got last Christmas. I think they offer it all year round. But this time it not only comes with an Iphone case but a keyboard pad as well. And it comes out cheaper.

Altho’ I have already an Iphone case similar to this one I still got it.

White Marble



I couldn’t resist the pink marble! It was just so nice and I didn’t want to choose between the white and the pink. So, I also got the pink one.

Pink Marble



I also found a nice Iphone case that I really like. I would have bought the laptop case of this design if it has. But this design is only for Iphone. I hope they will come out with a laptop case ’cause I’m really going to get it.

Dawn Palm Trees




I already have a palm tree design (Kate Spade, that I got it Vancouver last year) but the color is green and white. This one looks so nice in pink and blue! ughhh, I can’t get over this! I have this on my phone now. It’s so cute.

I super love their Iphone cases cause it’s not bulky. It’s so thin and sleek. Love it! Even their laptop cases are also thin and sleek.

I’m just so happy I discovered this site! Finally, some nice laptop and Iphone cases.

Do you think I’m finish? Uhmmm. No.

I also want this in my life (my next order):


(it doesn’t come with an Iphone case)



Floral Paradise



Isn’t it soooo cute? I gotta have this. I can’t wait.

Go visit their site Slick Case. Warning: it’s highly addictive.

And I am not sponsored. I just want that clear.

And one thing more. Shipping is a breeze and their customer service is impeccable.

By the way, you can find them on Facebook.

Good luck! Don’t go crazy.


  • Omg. I just ordered mine, just five minutes after reading this. So, so happy and excited! I think I may order more in the future! Huhu. THANK YOU so much, as always, for sharing Ms Tina! ❤ Hugs from Sg!

  • Hi! Was it delivered door to door? I really want to order a lot but I’m scared of customs 😦

  • Hi I’m interested in buying a laptop case too. I was wondering, did customs charge you? Thank you!

  • Hi, I just ordered from their site but through tracking, what comes up is that my shipments were detained at Customs. should I keep waiting for any other notice or do I have to go to their office?

    • Mine is usually delivered in my house thru Fed Ex. Not thru post office. Just wait. They usually call you before they deliver to check if it’s the right address

  • I have sent my order last May 18 and until now I dont even have a confirmation order yet. They keep on telling me that my order is out of stock but Ive already replaced it as per their recommendation and confirmed that the other item I picked is available and that I would receive an order confirmation email after 3-5 days. When I checked with them again after 5 days they’re telling me the same thing!

  • I had found slick case when looking for a case for my new MacBook, and I was really disappointed since I had placed my oder a month ago still waiting for a tracking number or that my case has been shipped. I have contacted slick case and they have not responded at all for a week. It is such a shame they have done this, and do not respond to any emails or any messages I have sent. to this day I still have not received anything from them.

    • It is not a super protective case. It fits really well and if you are not too rough on your phone then it will work perfectly. I did drop mine as I was walking (trying to hold too many things) and my phone screen did crack a little. But for every day use, I love mine. It doesn’t hurt that its gorgeous too!

  • Please beware. If you order from slick case official expect delays, hassles, poor customer service and days of email to get product status. This company has a beautiful website but you want to talk about a nightmare getting product. This is the place if you like frustration

    • Thanks for your comment. Actually, you are right! The first time I ordered it took 3 weeks to arrive. But the second time I ordered it arrived less than 2 weeks. And the third time I ordered was the worst! It took more than a month ! And I have to email them so many times. And their usuall reply is it’s oit of stock! But why not tell the customers if it’s out of stock so we won’t be wondering what the hell is happening! Altho’ they have nice designs I will never order from them again!!!

    • Same happened with me still havent received my order. Horrible customer service and horrible delayss. So much money is it even worth it?

  • I personally had a horrible experience with the company. I loved their collection so ordered the floral paradise. I made payment and everything but then they mailed me stating it is out of stock will take some time. It’s been 2 months now I have been in constant touch with them regarsing my order but for the past 2 weeks that aren’t even replying to my mails anymore. Totally feel like I have been cheated and my money stollen because they aren’t even following my request to refund the money. Very bad experience.

    • My first experience was very good! But my second and third was very BAD already. Especially the third. I had to threaten them but still my order arrived more than a month. So I stopped order ing.
      Why don’t you message them on Facebook and Instagram? I will Blog about it soon. How fuck UP they are.

  • I’m waiting for my order to ship already 120 days. I’ve been emailing them like a 100 times and they keep telling they are going to ship it. Never received a tracking number, worst business ever. Like you said, beautiful website but the company sucks.

  • I received this case over the summer after seeing the website and though I would give it a try. Yes it took a while to ship, but that is to be expected when you realize this company is based out of China. The wait is well worth it. The case is beautiful and I cannot tell you how many compliments I get when I use it (I am graduate student, so that is quite often).
    After using is for a couple months, however, the corners started cracking and there was one portion that was catching and cracking from an improper fit. I emailed customer service and they were incredibly wonderful in making sure that the problem is corrected and I receive a new one. I would recommend this company over and over again. Just be aware when you’re ordering that it is from overseas and so it will take about a month to get it in the mail.

  • Completely agree on the terrible customer service, extremely delayed shipping. I paid to receive my product in 2-5 business days. When it didn’t arrive within that timing, I emailed and got the response of due to holiday season, there was an unexpected amount of order. For an e-commerce business, it is so important to excel on customer service and quick shipping in order to get repeat business. If they cannot keep up with the volume of business, stop offering promotions… No matter how beautiful their product is, I’m not sure if I will buy from here anymore.

  • I didn’t have a good experience with them. no one answers the emails and they never told me my item out of stock until I emailed them which was a month after my order was put through. I asked for my money back but no answer. I asked to ship it FedEx to pay for their mistake and no answer I called on whatsaap. text them, and put a comment on their Face book but no one there. not sure what to do. I called my credit card company and they say I need to wait one month from the day of the transaction to put a case through. BAD COMPANY don’t order from them. it will never arrive. and they take your money fast by never answer your emails or calls. who want to deal with a company like this?

  • I ordered a package over 4 weeks ago and I still haven’t received it. They told me it is out of stock, yet they are still taking orders of the same package on their website while they haven’t had enough to send to people like me who ordered 4 weeks ago. I wouldn’t order again.

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