Martin Bautista – Designer Extraordinaire

I first heard about Martin a few years ago (more than 5 years ago) from my good friend Joanne Oca. Her eldest daughter Cara got married and when I saw the wedding photos I liked the outfits of the bridesmaids and Joanne’s (mother of the bride) gown. I liked the style, the colors and most especially the fit and how it falls.

I asked Joanne who did their gowns and she told me: Martin Bautista. “He’s good” I said.

I mean, he’s really good.

That was the first time I heard about Martin.

From that time on I would hear his name every now and then during fashion events. He was starting to make a name. And I was so happy for him.

If ever I have an affair to go to definitely I’m going to him. We became friends on Facebook and we would chat once in awhile. I told him I’ll drop by his shop but I never did.

Fast forward. 2016.

My nephew Jay-r (from Cebu) came to Manila in 2015 and asked me personally if I can be one of the principal sponsors of his wedding. He is one of my favorite nephews and I love his girlfriend. How can I say no? When I asked him the date of the wedding, he told me in Jan. 2017. At that time it seemed so far away and I said: “buhay pa kaya ako nun?” and we both laughed.

Since the wedding is in January 2017 I have to have my gown made the earliest should be in November. But it slipped my mind. I totally forgot about the wedding until first week of December when the bride-to-be messaged me and told me the color motiff. I started to panic.

I was so busy (Christmas rush) and aside from that we were leaving for Tokyo on Christmas day. That means I have to have my gown finish by the time I get back (wedding was Jan. 7).

I prayed that Martin will have time to make my gown. Please Lord. Otherwise, I won’t go to the wedding. If Martin won’t be able to do it, then I am not going to the wedding.

I called Martin and he told me to go to his shop. And guess what? I wasn’t able to go to my first appointment. It was so traffic during that time (Christmas rush) and Joshua was stucked in traffic. So, I had to cancel. I was able to make a second appointment a week after.

This time I made sure to go to my second appointment. This was already third week of December and I wasn’t really sure if Martin will still accept me.

I still went anyway.

When I got there Martin asked me if I have a peg of how I would want to look. And the only thing I told him was “please don’t make me look like a ninang.” He sketched something in less than 5 minutes and straight away I loved it! It took us less than 30 minutes to finish everything.

I told him I won’t be in town the week after Christmas and if I can fit when I get back. He gave me my fitting date: Jan. 3, 2017. Okay. Deal.

When I came for fitting I noticed right away the craftsmanship. It was very clean, inside and out. Very well made. There was just a little alteration in my bust area. Otherwise the fit was perfect. He told me to have it picked up on Thursday (I was leaving for Cebu the next day, Friday). I wasn’t nervous at all. I trust Martin.

My driver picked it up by Thursday.


I did not even fit anymore. I packed it right away (my flight was early morning the following day)

I was very confident I would look amazing. That’s how much I believed in Martin.

Let me show you some photos.




The newly weds: Mr. & Mrs de la Clazada


Martin is reasonably priced. Considering he has a name already (in the rank of Vania Romoff or even higher) and his work is impeccable, I expected more.

I like that he is very passionate about his work and very professional. He delivers. On time.

This is my first time to try Martin and I am very impressed and satisfied with his work.

You can find Martin onย Facebookย and onย Instagram



I did my own make up and Clique Salon did my hair.

Clique Hair & Nail Salon
Unit 12, Streetscape
Paseo Saturnino, Ma. Luisa Road
Banilad, Cebu City

Tel. # 032 -520-7776


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