Tokyo 2016

Day 1

We landed in Tokyo around 4:00pm on Christmas day. After going thru the long line in immigration and picking up our luggages we went to our hotel.

We checked-in in Dai ichi Hotel (around Ginza). The lobby of the hotel was bustling with people (maybe because it was Christmas) and very festive. There were 2 Japanese girls serenading the guests some Christmas songs opera style.

After checking in and getting settled (all our rooms were beside each other). The kids went out and had dinner while I opted to order room service. All I wanted to do really was take a long hot shower. After having dinner and taking a shower I decided to call it a day.

Vito arrived around past 1:00am. He went to meet up with his friends (who were also in Tokyo).

Day 2

I woke up around 6:30am the following day and the first thing I did was make coffee and check the temperature. 1C. Yikes. It was cold.

Every time we’re abroad the kids always eat out for breakfast. They don’t like hotel breakfast buffet. Claudia already mapped out our breakfast, lunch and dinner. She made reservations before we even left Manila.

Claudia and Vinny told me: “Mom, please make sure you’re dress warm. It’s very cold outside.”

So, I made sure I was dress right. I layered to death (hahaha). First layer was my heat tech shirt, then over that I had long sleeves button down shirt, then a big chunky sweater and on top of all that I wore a big warm jacket. I also wore heat tech leggings under my thick Zara leggings. Plus scarf, beanie and gloves.


Poor Franny (Vinny’s gf) she had cough and cold

After lunch the kids went around and I went back to the hotel. All I wanted to do was stay indoors and curl up in my bed.

Day 3

I woke up panicking! It’s already our third day and I haven’t even shop yet (except the earphones and the power bank that I bought).

So, I told myself to start shopping already. We had breakfast in Omotesando at Bill’s. Luckily, it was in the same building where my favorite shop is, The Shel’tter Tokyo. We all went inside and shopped. Then we went around the side streets of Omotesando. All the kids wanted to buy sneakers and rubber shoes.

We spent the whole afternoon in Ometesando going inside some nice random shops. I love it!

I was able to buy a few stuff but not enough to break my bank. I definitely need to shop seriously the following day. I don’t care if I die of hypothermia!

Day 4

This is the day. The day I lost my mind in Gucci. I won’t post the stuff that I bought. I will be posting it in my ootd posts. So, watch out for it.

Day 5

This was also a shopping day. I went with the kids and we went around. This day involved a lot of walking. But I was prepared for it.

Day 6

Our flight was at 5:00pm, so we still had half a day to shop. We had lunch in that restaurant known for good sukiyaki. It blew our minds. It was soooo yummy. I’ve never eaten sukiyaki that good.

I forgot the name of the restaurant. It was along Ginza.


We went last minute shopping and left the hotel at 3:00pm. I can’t believe I survived the cold winter of Japan. It was my first time to travel during winter.

If I’ll do it again? Most definitely.


    • Hi Christine! I did not buy any make up cos I got a lot of make up for Christmas but I stock up on falsies! I cleaned up their falsies shelves! Hahahaha.

  • Hahahaha I also lost my shit at Gucci a couple of weeks ago. Gucci is fantastic at the moment. The bank already said no and I kept on insisting to swipe that shit. lol. My only two regrets were buying the Dionysus and the crossover sandals. After I put all my Kikay stuff in there, it get sooo heavy the chain digs on my shoulders after awhile. And the sandal looks great but I cant wear it long enough as it becomes too painful as the angle of my feet is too steep. The rest are to die for.

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