Ones Salon

I first discovered Ones Salon exactly a year ago when I decided to chopped off my hair. Roxanne (my bff) was the one who recommended Salve (the owner and the head stylist) to me.

At this time Roxanne had already decided to cut her hair short (from waist length hair). And it was her sister (Nelia) who recommended Salve to her.

Nelia has always sported short hair as long as I can remember and her hair has always been so nice. So, when she found out that Roxanne wanted to cut her hair short she told her: “go to Salve. She’s been cutting my hair for the longest time. And she’s the best in Manila when it comes to short hair.”

And the rest is history.

Within 2016 my hair went thru different lengths and everyone (even my haters. hahaha) loved it. That means Salve did a fantastic job.

It went from this:



to this…




and back to this…



I got a lot of inquiries asking who my new hair stylist is. That’s when I decided to write this post.

Before I went home to Cebu (for the wedding of my nephew) I dropped by Ones Salon to have the tips of my hair trimmed (for easy styling).

So, please allow me to introduce to all of you Salve Ones. The owner and the head stylist of Ones Salon.


Her staff


A glimpse of Ones Salon…






Ones Salon is located at the ground floor of Prince Plaza, De la Rosa st. cor. Legaspi st. Legaspi village. It’s across Greenbelt 5.

Tel. #: (02) 844-7228


  • Happy New Year, Miss T! Haven’t been able to visit your blog since December because the holidays were so hectic, so I just finished back reading now. Did you also get your hair color done in this salon? Looking for a good salon to dye my hair. 🙂

    Also, where can I purchase the Frezyderm sunscreen your derma made you use? I want a gel-type sunscreen because the liquid type makes me break out all the time.


    • Hi Romy! Happy new year to you too! My hair color was not done there. Altho Ones Salon does really good hair coloring. That’s where my friend Roxane go for coloring and highlights. Salve took courses in Italy for coloring that’s why she’s good in coloring.
      Mine kasi my maid does it. She’s been doing it for many years na.
      I’ll ask my derma where you can get it and I’ll message you.

  • Salve cuts my hair for more than a decade now. She knows what is best for my wavy hair. I’ts nice that she gets recognition for her gift. You made the right choice Ms. T!

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