Bar Pintxos at BGC

A few days before Christmas, my good friend Carlo Lorenzana (one of the owners of La Cabrera Manila) invited me (and some friends) to have lunch in his new restaurant in BGC that opened a few weeks ago. Now, this is one lunch invitation that I will never miss.

First, because I am sure that the food is good (knowing Carlo’s taste) and second, I wanted to see him and his beautiful wife (Julia) before Christmas.

I did not know what kind of restaurant it was, I couldn’t even pronounce the name. hahahaha. But, I went anyway.


When I got there the first thing I asked Miguel (Vecin. Carlo’s partner) what the difference between Tapas and Pintxos (pronounced pinchos).

According to Miguel it is just the same. In the southern part of Spain it’s called Tapas. But in the northern part of Spain it is known as Pintxos.

The minute I sat down Carlo gave us the menu and asked me and Rica (de Jesus) what we would like to eat. Since it was our first time there we told Carlo to take care of it (cause we didn’t know what to order).

Carlo ordered some Pintxos. One after the other it over flowed until our tummies couldn’t take anymore.

Ternera (wagyu tenderloin, Piquillo, chimichurri)


Mar I Muntanya (Uni, Lardo, Lomo Iberico)


Boquerones  Uni (Boquerones, Uni, Caviar)


Jamon-Allioli (Jamon Serrano, Allioli)


Bacalao Con Crema De Ajo (Codfish)


Salmon (Salmon, Goat Cheese, Truffle Honey, Caviar)


Brie-Cebolla (Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Jamon)


Carlo also ordered some popular Spanish dishes like:

Salpicao (Kitayama Tenderloin, Garlic, Olive Oil)


Paella Cordero (Lamb, Mushrooms)


Carilleras De Ternera (Beef Cheeks)


Calamares A La Plancha (Baby Squid)


For 2 hours and a half we ate non stop, until we couldn’t literally move.

If I tell you now that the food was good it would be a complete understatement. The food was beyond great. There’s nothing like it. And if you will ask me what my favorite was it would be like a scene in the movie ‘Sophie’s Choice.’ I could not and would not pick a favorite. Everything was perfection.

Miguel Vecin, one of Carlo’s partners is half Filipino and half Spanish. He lived in Spain more than half of his life. So, he is not only Spanish by blood but also by heart. Together with Carlo’s charisma and Magsy’s (Concepcion, another partner) millennial taste, this new food collaboration will truly bring a new taste in town.

Standing: Miguel Vecin, yours truly. Sitting: Magsy Concepcion, Carlo Lorenzana

The people behind Pintxos Bar


Pintxos is located in BGC. When you turn left from McKinley, it is on the first building you see on your left, Fairways Tower.

Pintxos is at the back of Fairways Tower facing Manila Golf. They are open daily from 11:00am to 3:00pm and 5:00 pm to 12:00am.

For reservations, call (02) 810 1307


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