Closing credit

Dear 2016,

I remember I ended 2015 beautifully (we (family) went to Maldives). I remember I said that I had a good year. 2015 was a good year for me. And I remember I said: “please 2016 be kind to me.”

I expected more from you 2016. I expected that you will surpass 2015.

Let’s go back…

In January my brother got so sick that I had to fly back home. We all hoped that he will get better. But in mid February he left us…

All of us were very devastated. We did not expect that it was going to be that painful. Until to this day it is still painful. I guess you don’t get over this kind of pain. You just have to move on.

Something good came out of it tho’. My siblings and I got more close. Our love for each other is more intense. That’s good right?

We spent Claudia’s birthday ( March) in Tokyo. It was a good break for me, altho’ I was still grieving. But it was my daughters birthday, so, life goes on for me.

Vito graduated in June. We all went to Vancouver to attend his graduation in University of British Columbia. It was a milestone for me as it was for him.

I reconnected with my cousin who I haven’t seen in a long time. She lives in Victoria and she took time off to see me. We were not only cousins we were childhood friends. Me and my sisters spent much of our childhood with her and her siblings. Seeing her again was very heart warming.

In August my friends from London Pablo and Marivic came to Manila and we went to Boracay. Going on a holiday with good friends is always the best. 

It was also in August that I reconnected with an old friend, Jerry Mabasa. Whose friendship means a lot to me.

I celebrated my birthday (September) quietly. Just the way I like it. I’m never one to have big birthday celebrations. That’s not me.

I did not know where October and November went. The next thing I knew Christmas was already coming.

2016 you passed by so quickly. In a wink of an eye, you were gone.

We closed you in Tokyo. It was very cold but bonding with my kids is always meaningful to me.

So, 2016, I’m glad it is over. I am looking forward to 2017.


Much love,

Ms. T


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