Bits and bobs

Last week end before Christmas. And it is suppose to be chaotic. So, I stayed home the whole day and let Joshua do everything.

I sent him past 9:00am to deliver gifts (just within Makati) and he came home past 1:00pm. That’s how crazy it is today.

Yesterday (Friday) traffic was so bad and it was difficult to get a table in some restos. Ahh.. the joys (?) of the holidays.

It has been cloudy (everyday and sometimes drizzling) for more than 2 weeks already and that is the reason why I couldn’t shoot (my ootd). Maybe it’s a good thing also cos everyday (almost) I look so harassed. But the thing is, I missed doing my ootd posts! And also I have been using the make ups that I recently purchased and there are some that I really liked. I hope the sun will come out soon.

Last week I bought tons of big chunky sweaters to bring with me to Tokyo. I know I have to bring some pieces of clothing that will keep me warm. I can’t find my old sweaters anymore so I needed to get some new ones. I have some that I ordered online and hasn’t arrive yet (hopefully it will get here by next week). And as usual I got carried away and bought a lot. I won’t be able to bring all (for sure), I will just choose which ones to bring.

I don’t know what to shop in Tokyo! Since I gifted myself everything that I wanted for Christmas, I’m left with nothing to shop. Let’s see what I’ll end up with.

Oh, last week (Monday) I had lunch with Keri (Zamora) and Cecile (Chuvaness). We haven’t seen each other for a few months now, so, it was time to touch base. As always we had fun, we talked a lot (about life per se) and had so much to catch up. Cecile will be in Tokyo also when I’m there and we planned to meet up. Tokyo is Cecile’s town (she’s a local there) and I’m excited to go shopping with her.

Seated: Cecile, Me. Behind: Keri

So, today, since I stayed home the entire day I did some chores that I have been wanting to do but never found time.

  • clean my make up brushes (I haven’t clean them in like a month!)
  • sort out my closet
  • follow up my order in Slick Case. I ordered a case for my laptop and my Iphone and I paid extra for a 4 day shipping. But until now it hasn’t arrive yet.
  • did my Saturday ritual which is face mask
  • and blog! I have been wanting to sit down and blog the whole week but I ended up so tired in the afternoon

I was hoping that the sun would come out so I can shoot some photos for my blog.

I still have few gifts and 1 more Willow Jewelry order that has to be delivered. Up until then I still can’t say my vacation is on. But most definitely I can’t wait for it to start.


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