I am already in the thick of things.

Christmas is less than 2 weeks and I still have a lot of things to do. The pressure is so much more ‘cos we will be leaving for Tokyo on Christmas day. So, my last working day for 2016 is Dec. 23. When we come back it’s going to be 2017 already.

So, I have to finish everything before I leave.

Starting next week we at Willow Jewelry will no longer accept any orders. We will close shop starting next week.

I will still be blogging tho’. And I’ll try to blog even I’m on vacation (normally I don’t blog when I am away). It’s going to be cold in Tokyo and I just might end up spending more time indoors than outdoors. Let’s see.

I know you guys are busy too! With all the shopping and the parties to go to.

I can’t wait for 2017. There’s a lot in store for Willow Jewelry and my blog. I want 2017 to be big!


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