Season’s greetings!

So, we’re here guys! It’s finally December.

Last night we lighted our tree at exactly 6:00pm. Our home doesn’t only look festive but it feels festive now with the lights on on our tree. I stayed in our living room for a couple of minutes just watching the tree. I lighted some Christmas scent candles and literally taking it all in.


Last month of 2016. How fast. But we say that all the time, don’t we. Time passes by quickly without our noticing it. It scares me sometimes when I think about it. In a few weeks it’s already 2017.

December is the busiest month for everyone. There’s a lot of parties to go to, a lot of reunions, a lot of lunches with friends, etc. And a lot of gift giving.

I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet (I will start next week). I should be able to deliver all our gifts on or before the 15th (mas lalong maging busy si Joshua! hahaha).

Basically I already know what to get for everyone (especially my kids). And by everyone I mean family, friends, my staff, and… people who made my life easy the whole year (like the people in my bank, swimming pool guy, my favorite baggers in Rustans Grocery, mailman, etc).

Actually, I really can’t wait for 2017 (I have so many plans). I can’t wait to know what’s in store for me in 2017.


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