Monday – Nov. 28, 2016

What’s your schedule tomorrow? What’s your day like? – JSP asked me this afternoon.

Hmmmm, what am I really doing tomorrow?

  • Fill up application forms for our Japanese visa
  • meeting with my goldsmith (follow up orders, make some order slips for our orders this week, etc.)
  • take some photos for my blog (earrings that we are launching this week)
  • do some banking stuff
  • grocery
  • answer emails
  • call Vito’s doctor for his appointment this week
  • make lunch for Vito (and Claudia if she will eat at home)

That’s my day tomorrow.

How’s your day like?


  • Laundry!! Of all the chores at home, I don’t delegate laundry to helpers. I find it so therapeutic, I have no idea why! From separating whites, brights, colors, darks, to loading em up sa dryer. Therapy. No idea why haha baka I like the smell đŸ˜€

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