Party season!

December = Christmas = parties

December will be here in less than 2 weeks! I can’t believe how fast time flies these days. Time rolls by in a wink of an eye.

Anyway, if you say December that means it’s Christmas season and that means there will be a lot of parties to go to.

December for me also means dark red, burgundy, plums, orange, corals, and terra cotta. These are the colors of December (not only December but starting October) or fall/autumn season.

And that’s when the fun begins.

I love dressing up during this time of the year. I love wearing knits, turtle necks, jackets, etc. I know we are in a tropical country but it gets chilly here during this time of the year. And I am the type who feels cold all the time.

One of the things that I love during this season are the colors/shades of make up. Since it is the month for partying you’ll be putting on your party make up more often than your usual everyday look.

These are the shades/colors of eye make up that I use during the holidays. Be it a party or just my everyday make up. And it involves the color of the season.

Let’s start with my favorite palettes

Petit Baked Eye Colour Bonbons – Laura Mercier



I love this palette. I used this often during the holidays. It is burgundy/plum shade.

Ombre Rouge Eye Palette – Becca



This has plum/mauve under tone. Good for everyday make up

Warm Glow Eye Palette – Bobbi Brown



This palette is similar to the Ombre Rouge Eye Palette of Becca. The only difference is all the shades in that palette are all matte. While this one has shimmers in it. I think there are only 2 shades in this palette that are matte. You can wear this in the evening and you can also get away wearing this during the day.

Laura Mercier (this palette doesn’t have a name)



This palette has coral under tone. I usually wear this during daytime.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres in 268 Candeur Et Experience



Love this! This is good for evening look but I sometimes wear this during the day (I apply it very light)

Dead of Summer – NARS Steven Klein



I actually bought this because of the burgundy shade. I was looking for a burgundy eye make up and this palette was just launched at that time.

Bobbie Brown in Toast 14, Cocoa 13, Camel 5, Taupe 4



I was the one who made this palette. I chose the shades and they put it in a compact (they have this in 4, 6 and 8 slots). These shades are good to pair with corals and orange.

Natural Eyes – Too Faced



This is one of my favorite Too Faced Palettes.

Naked Ultimate Basics – Urban Decay



This is the latest Naked palette of Urban Decay. They added some new shades and I love it. There’s plum and orange in this palette!

Eye make up Singles

Chanel 116 Rouge Gorge


Look how pretty this is! You can definitely wear this during day time ’cause this apply light.

Chanel 128 Rouge Brulé


This is similar to 116 Rouge Gorge but darker.

Chanel 132 Rouge Contraste


This is super dark brown. Love this. You just have  to be careful when you apply it ’cause this is so pigmented. You apply light first and build it up. This is good for smokey eye look.

Dora Micro Shadow – Make up Store


Make up store is a Swedish Make up brand that I like (although this is not available here). The nearest you can get this is in Singapore. I am not sure also if this is available in the US. This is available in Australia and all over Europe.

Blondie, Bengali – NARS


I use Blondie for my transition shade and Bengali for depth in whatever shade of eye shadow that I wear. I use this to contour my eyes.

Sketch – MAC


I love this burgundy shade! I mix this with NARS Blondie and Bengali

211A Pigalle – Stila


This is another reddish/burgundy shade that I love.

Colour Pop Super Shock Shadows L to R: Kathleen Lights, Weenie, Sequin, Blaze


It’s the time of the year for some glitters and shimmers! And Colour Pop is the best for nice glitters and shimmers.  I sometimes wear this daytime (apply very light).

So, there you are! My favorite eye make up this season. All these make up can be worn day and night. It will just depend on how you apply it. Start light and build it up.

This is the time of the year were it’s nice to dress up and put on some nice make up. The time of the year were we celebrate life!

Here’s a look that I wore last Sunday. I wore the Chanel Les 4 Ombres in the shade 268 Candeur Et Experience





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