What I’ve had done – Beauty treatments/cosmetics

I’ve been asked too many times what I’ve had done on my face so far.

I told myself over and over since the time when I was in my late 40’s that I will never do any cosmetic procedures done to my face. Ever. I want to grow old gracefully. So, to speak.

Until in mid 2014 when I noticed that my forehead sunk. Actually, it was TB who first noticed it. “ano ba nangyari dyn sa mukha mo? Bakit parang lumubog? – what happened to your face? How come it looks like it sank.

I did not understand what he meant by that. So, I let it go.

Then suddenly one day I stared at my face and noticed the middle part of my forehead was deep. It looked like it sank. I asked myself, “what happened here?” I was so confused and didn’t know what to do. I left it like that and observed it. Until it became obvious already.

I didn’t know who to go to. I didn’t know who to talk to. I knew I have to do something about it before it gets worst.

Then I remember my friend, Maika Slatenšek, who is a Derma. I met her a few years ago in one of Chuvaness’ birthday parties. I called her and booked an appointment. I consulted her about my problem.

Yes, she told me your forehead shrunk. She said that usually happens as we grow older  (especially women) our facial structure changes because our bones will shrink. And that’s what happened to me.

I asked her if there’s anything she can do. And she told me straight to my face we need to put fillers on that part.

And that was the only time I panicked.

I didn’t want to touch my face! I don’t want fillers and botox! No way. I’ve seen some friends of mine whose faces changed drastically. And they got addicted to it.

I have this close friend who got addicted to it. She’s my age and she has a pretty face until she touched her face. She’s done so many procedures already in all parts of her face that she didn’t look like herself anymore. And that is why the more I vowed to myself that I will never ever do anything to my face. I didn’t want to look like her or I didn’t want to become like her.

Every time we see each other she would tell me, “you need to lift your eyes a little bit, and you need botox here, and fillers here, etc.” 

Every time I see her. All the time. She even suggested that we go to her Derma together. And I always tell her, “no way. You go ahead.”  All the time.

And another thing I don’t know how to tell the kids. I know they will say no, especially Claudia. I can already hear what she has to say. And there’s Vinny also.

So, I told Maika I will think about it. Maika promised she will only put a little just to even out my forehead. It took me a few months to decide that I will have it done. Only because my forehead was already kinda deep in the middle and it was very, very obvious already. Even Roxanne noticed it.

I called Maika and told her, “let’s do it.” And she asked me if I am sure about it. Yes, I think so. Not unless if there are other ways. I don’t think I have a choice.

I went back to her clinic and I was ready (I did not tell my kids). I laid down in her clinic feeling confident and excited.

While I was laying down I also told her that my crows feet both in my eyes is already too much. “What do we do?” She told me botox. And the more I got scared. Am I going to eat my words? Am I? Is this the only way. She said yes.

I just wanted my crows feet lessen. That’s all. I have some wrinkles under my eyes and that’s okay with me. I am already in the age where slowly wrinkles will start appearing and it’s usually around the eye area. And that’s alright. My kids are all adults already so that is expected.

I don’t want my face to look lifted and stretch. It will not look natural at all and I wanted my face to look natural with wrinkles and all. I have accepted that already. We will all go through that at a certain point in our lives.

Maika suggested to inject botox on my crows feet. She said she will do it slowly. Meaning she will inject it twice, 2 weeks apart. So that my face will not get shock and it will not be obvious.

I thought about it while I was laying down with all the lights glaring at my face ready for my procedure. She said she will do the botox together with my fillers.

I told her, okay.

First, her nurse put some topical anesthesia on the area where she will put my fillers. We waited for a few minutes for the anesthesia to take effect. She made sure I was relaxed. So we talked a little bit. She told me how long the fillers will last, how long will the botox last, etc.

She then marked the areas where needs to inject the fillers. The whole procedure took around 20 to 30 minutes. I didn’t feel anything just a little pressure but no pain.

After the fillers she worked on my eyes. The nurse applied topical anesthesia on my crows feet and we waited a couple of minutes.

It also took around 20 to 30 minutes both eyes. And I was done!

There were some needle marks in some areas and some areas it was swollen and red. Just a little bit. But it was obvious I had something done to my face.

When I left the clinic Maika told me to send her a picture of my forehead after 3 days. And for me to come back after 2 weeks for my second injection of my botox.

When I got home the kids asked me right away. “What happened to your face?”

I did not say anything. And Claudia said, “did you have botox?”  I didn’t have much choice but to tell her. I told her and Vinny the procedures that I had done.

“No way, mom! Why did you do that? You’re gonna look like a cat. You’re going to get addicted to it. Like everyone else. You will not look the same anymore, etc. etc., etc.”

I promised them that I won’t do any other procedures anymore. Just my forehead and my crows feet. That’s all. And have it done maybe once a year.

This was last year (actually I’m due for another injection. Especially on my crows feet. Not so much on my forehead. The fillers lasted this long).

I liked the result. After a week my forehead filled up and my crows feet gone. I loved it.

All my friends noticed it. They all said I looked fresh. They asked me what I did and I told them. I did not regret that I had it done.

For those of you out there that is thinking of having your face done there’s only 2 things I will tell you.

  1. make sure you trust your Doctor. Find a Doctor that is reliable and referred by a good friend of yours.
  2.  know when to stop. It is true it can get addicting.

After you’ve done your procedures make sure you take care of your skin. You cannot stop your wrinkles from showing but you can minimize it. Find the right anti aging creams that suits your skin. Moisturize, hydrate and put sun screen everyday.

So, when people ask me if I’ve had anything done? I tell them, Yes.

If it will make you feel confident about yourself, why not?

A lot of my friends have asked me who my Derma is. So, here it is.

Dr. Michelle S. Slatenšek M.D. FPPAI, PAAS
Cosmetic Surgeon/Dermatologist

Mi Cara Skin & Aesthetic Surgery Clinic

Makati Branch:
Unit 2 E Crown Tower Condominium
107 H.V. de la Costa St.
Salcedo Village
Makati City
Tel #: (02) 894 1907, 09173502272, 09228916015
Schedule: Mon and Thurs 11:00 – 7:00pm

Libis Branch:
Unit 301 Vignet Center
E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue
Quezon city
Tel. #: (02) 534 3744, 09055579550
Schedule: Tues and Sat 11:00 – 7pm

I strongly recommend Dr. Slatensêk. Not because she’s my friend but because she’s good in what she does. She’s not the type who will do any procedures even if your face does not need it (just to make money). She always prioritize the well being of her patients. What’s good for her patients and what’s not good for her patients. And she’s reasonably priced not like most Dermas now a days who charge an arm and a leg.

Call her clinic for your appointments. She’s in her Makati clinic every Mondays and Thursdays and in her Libis clinic every Tuesdays and Saturdays.

I guarantee you will look amazing. You will feel good about yourself. You will get your confidence back.


  • Kudos to you, Ms. T! A lot of people (especially celebs) deny when they have something done on their face/body. I love what you said, if it will make you feel confident about yourself, why not? True! If only others had as much balls as you. 🙂

  • Hi Tina, I’m just wondering why you don’t undergo machine treatment (eg RF, laser).

    I’m nearing late 40s and undergo machine treatments so I do not rule out injectable treatments sometime in the future. But 2 things I’ve noticed:
    1) When women reach a certain age like mid 60s, they still look old no matter what procedures they have had done or are currently doing. They look their age, not 5 years younger.
    2) Even if the face is successfully “well preserved”, it doesn’t look attractive b/c it is out of sync with the neck and arms/hands. I remember standing next to a lady in Forbes and it creeped me out b/c her face was tight and unlined but her arms and hands were that of an old woman. It didn’t look attractive, just scary looking.

    • Because I never planned to have any treatments done until I saw dent on my forehead. That’s the time I decided to do soemthing about it. I don’t even know what RF means altho’ I hear about it a lot.
      That’s what I’m trying to say. Me having adult children already I have to look my age. Wrinkles and all. And I don’t want my face to look so lifted and so stretched. And my hands wrinkly. I guess the best way lang talaga is embrace our age and acceptance. It’s hard tho’ but it is what it is. 😊

  • I wanna do a rhinoplasty and document it in IG ☺️.
    Nowadays everyone is open to it. Pero i’m scared baka d ko magustuhan final result 😝

    You look great Ms. Tina and I find it more beautiful when women embrace aging gracefully.

  • Good on you, miss T.

    I am 49. I started having tear troughs fillers and botox on my elevens (lines between eyebrows) 2 months ago. I was so lucky I didn’t bruise. My doctor used microcannula technique for my fillers so I didn’t receive lots of needle injection. I also stop my vitamin E supplement 2 weeks before the procedure and I ate lots of pineapple fruit the night before and on the day before driving to the clinic. I did lots of research before doing this because I am also scared that my husband and children would nag me about this. Now it’s done, my family didn’t say anything coz I still look like me but without frown lines and deep lines under my eyes.

    Good luck on your next appointment😊

    • I thought I can go through life and age without all these procedures. I guess were lucky enough that we have this procedures in our time to help us go through life and age incredibly well. Like I said we just need to know when to stop. And a good doctor to guide us. And not abuse us instead just for the money. A doctor that is able to tell us to stop when needed.
      Good for you too! 😊

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