On the brighter side of things…

I had a quick lunch yesterday with JSP who left for Seoul today and dropped by the clinic of my Derma to pick up some products for me to try.

I’m still very conscious going out in public with my hair so short. I feel bald. But Roxanne assured me it’s going to get better in the next few days.

FYI, this is just the second time I went out of the house ever since I had my hair trimmed. I can’t wait to get my volume back and my hair to grow (at least) an inch.

On the brighter side of things, my hair is soooo soft and shiny. And I didn’t have a hard time drying it and fixing it. Yes, it sure did saved me time.


The shirt I’m wearing is one the shirts I inherited from Vito when he cleared out his closet a few weeks ago. He loves J.Crew shirts and he had a lot that he didn’t want anymore.

And this is one of them.

And oh, I wore my new Gucci belt that arrived last week end!

By the way, where are you guys spending the long week end? Enjoy and have fun!






Top: J. Crew  ||  Jeans: H&M  ||  Shoes: Zara  ||  Bag: Hermes Birkin  ||  Sunglasses: Rayban  ||  Willow Jewelry Large Horn Necklace in Ivory


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