Grin and bear it…

Last Saturday Roxanne accompanied me to the salon. I decided to have my hair trimmed (again) and this time I want it really short (again).

Like this short.


So, Roxy came with me. While we were there she convinced me to have Brazilian blow dry. According to her my hair is so dry.

what’s wrong with your hair? It’s so dry. You need to have a Brazilian blow dry. Try it. You’ll love it.”

I really didn’t want to have Brazilian blow dry done because I was scared it might look like I had my hair rebonded. Which I don’t like. I’m not into super straight hair, I like the texturized look. In fact I have all kinds of texturizing spray because I loved textured hair.

But Roxy kept on telling me (ang kulit, sa totoo lang. lol) and I gave in.

I already know why my hair became so dry. Ever since Rhea (laundry girl who use to do my hair) left, Ruby (housegirl) has been ironing my hair. And Ruby destroyed my hair. Β Ruby has a heavy hand and every time she irons my hair she pulls it too much and too tight.

When Ruby started to do my hair, I noticed that my hair (especially at the tips) became sooo dry. And that is why I decided to cut my hair short again.

I think I have not mentioned here that Rhea came back to us about 2 weeks ago. Apparently things between her and Clarence didn’t work (lol). That’s why she’s back.

Anyway, before I’ll turn over my hair back to her, I decided to cut it really short to get rid of the dry tips.

After Salve (hairstylist and owner of Ones Salon) cut my hair, they began the long Brazilian blow dry process.

2 hours into the process I couldn’t stand it anymore. I hate staying too long in the salon. That is why I have my nails done at home and my roots done at home.

But Roxanne said “tiis ganda.” So, I sat it out. 5 long hours. My first time to stay in salon that long.

I didn’t care anymore how my hair looked. I just wanted to get out of there and go home. When we were done we grabbed a quick dinner and went home. I was sooo tired the minute I got home. I did not care how my hair look anymore.

When I woke up the following morning I look at myself in the mirror and I screamed.

My hair was so short and so straight. I hated it. I called Roxanne and started to blame her. But she promised me it’s gonna get better in the next few days.

“You’re going to get your volume back. Don’t worry about it. Give it time.”

I was so angry at myself why I allowed this to happen. I wanted my dry hair back.

Sure, it was smooth. In fact very shiny and smooth. But that’s not the way I like it. I want texture and a little volume.

Well, there is nothing I can do anymore.

I was not allowed to wet/shampoo my hair for 2 days.

Now I know what it feels like when they say ‘grin and bear it’. Because that’s what I have been doing the last few days.






    • Thanks Olive! I’ve always loved long hair and early this year I decided to chop it off and decided not to let it grow anymore cos everyone is telling me I look good with short hair.
      So with my age and the fact that everyone loved it I think I will stick to short hair!
      ThNks again! 😘😘😘

  • maganda walang bola pero of course it’s your hair. I hope you feel better about it each day

  • You still look great though. I’ve always wondered what rebond and Brazilian blow out is, now I know. I makes one Les Miserables. LOL. 2 things I don’t have to try. I have short thin (more like thinning) hair and always on the hunt for the best “will give your hair volume” product. So far I’ve failed to find one : )

    • Thanks Sara! They always say rebond and brazilian blow dry is not the same. But I think it is the same except brazilian blow dry gives you volume, not right away. Eventually you do get a volume. And smoooth and shiny hair. Plus your hair doesn’t get frizzy.


  • I can’t stand staying in salons for too long either (one reason why I’ve never had my hair rebonded) but I get Brazilian blowdry every few months. What I do is I bring my laptop so I could work while waiting, and I’m often told to close it and just relax but I can’t kasi sayang sa oras! Hehe. Did they tell you to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner? Make sure that you do. And yes, the volume will come back, for me usually right after my first wash. I have naturally wavy (and frizzy depending on humidity) hair and it’s been 4.5 months since I had my last treatment and my hair is still frizz-free. If I let it air dry, it’s more on the wavy side but I could easily blowdry it straight (without using a hair iron) if I feel like having straight hair. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ria!

      Yes they told me to use non sulfate shampoo and conditioner but no problem with me becos the shampoos I’m using are organic and it’s sulfate free.

      Roxanne’x been telling to give it a few days and that’s why I am still hopeful that my volume will come back. So now you’re telling me the same thing I’m very happy to know that it will come back!

      Thanks Ria! 😘

  • It looks great Ms. T! Ikaw lang po ata kilala ko na ayaw ng super straight hair, hahahah. Everyone in my circle of friends is so obsessed with it, nakigaya ako. LoL! Ayun super flat ang buhok ko., hehe

    But I finally chopped my hair! I have long long hair hair, i tried the Long bob A cut. I went a bit extreme and cut it shorter at the back, everyone is complimenting on my bold move. Hehe!

    Anyways, your hair looks great and it will get its volume back after you wash it 😊

    • Ever since talaga Mick I don’t like super straight hair. There was a time when I wanted my hair straight cos I have wavy hair. But now I like volume and medyo magulo. Hahahahaha! Ang weird ko no?
      Glad you took the bold move and decided to have a new look. Once in awhile I guess we all need that!
      Thanks! Mick! 😘

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