Mini Haul

Sometime 3 weeks ago I decided to order some make-up brushes in Morphe Brushes. I wanted eye make-up brushes. For blending, application and pencil brushes. I feel that I don’t have much brushes for eye make-up.

So, I went to Morphe Brushes site and ordered the eye make-up brushes that I wanted. I also ordered some contour brushes and a fan brush (for highlighter).

While I was in the site I noticed that their 35O eye make-up palette was in stock. This is their most in demand palette and it is always, always out of stock. You have to stalk their Instagram account to check when they will restock. They usually restock their 350 palette at least once a month and I always (or never) quite get lucky. It usually sells out in a matter of hours the minute they restock.

So, I gave up.

I was so surprised when I saw it in stock. So, I hurriedly put it in my cart. Finally, I have Morphe’s 35O palette. In my hands. Yay!

I usually have my orders mailed to my friend Tess address in New York. And she sends it to me via Johnny Air cargo.

That week Urban Decay was about to release their latest Naked palette, Naked Ultimate Basics palette and their Naked Illuminated Trio highlighter. I asked Tess if she can get it for me and send it together with my Morphe orders.

The Naked Ultimate Basics palette was released online Sept. 20. I got scared it might sell out right away. I had to let Tess go online at 12:00 midnight on Sept. 19.

The Naked Illuminated Trio was already available in store and online.

Tess sent it to me the minute my Naked Ultimate Basics palette arrived. I got it yesterday and here it is.

Morphe Brushes


Morphe 350 Eye Make-up Palette


Look at the beautiful colors! I can’t wait to use this.

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Eye Make-up Palette


This is a combination of the Naked Palette 1 and the Naked Palette 3 (my 2 favorite Naked palettes)

Urban Decay Illuminated Trio 


Love the packaging! I can’t wait to use this, too!

I’ll make a blog post soon using these products. So, watch out for it!


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