What I have been busy with this week…

What I have been busy with this week…

Last Tuesday I went to my Dentist/bff, Dr. Pete Ong.

I finally found time to go back. I have been due to go back since like 3 months ago and I haven’t showed up for my appointments or I cancel last minute. Until Liza, his secretary, gave up on me.

I am supposed to go back to put a cap on one of my molars.

When Liza stopped texting me and calling me, Dr. Ong or “kapatid”, as we fondly call each other called me and told me: *”kapatid, hinahanap ka na ng ngipin mo. Kelan ka ba talaga babalik sa akin?” We started laughing and started making kwento. Before we hang up I promised to go see him the soonest I can.

*English translation: sister, your tooth is looking for you. When are you really showing yourself to me.

I never made it back. He got so busy and forgot all about me and my “ngipin.”hahahaha

Last week, I told myself I have to go and have my molar fix na talaga and have my teeth cleaned. So, I texted Liza and asked her when I can see Dr. Ong. She told me Tuesday next week at 11:30am is open.

That was the other day.

The minute I saw *”kapatid” nang lilisik ang mata sa akin. And he goes “p*ta ka! Ngayon ka lang nag pakita!”

*English translation: he was looking at me with dagger eyes. And he goes: you’re such a bitch, you’re only showing up now!

I answered him: *“‘wag ka mag alala kapatid, gabi gabi habang nag totooth brush ako ini isip kita.”

*English translation: don’t worry sister, every night while I am brushing my teeth I think of you.

And he said: *”ano ba nangyari dyn sa buhok mo! Dry na dry! Magpa Brazilian blow dry ka! Liza, tawagin mo si Vans papuntahin mo this week end sa bahay ni Tina.”

*English translation: what happened to your hair? It looks so dry! Go for a Brazilian blow dry! Liza, call Vans tell him to go to Tina’s house this week end.

I asked him: “sandali, sino yan? Hindi ko kilala yan.”

*English translation: wait. Who is she? I don’t know her.

And he told me: *“hay naku kapatid, trust me. Yan si Vans hair stylist yan ng mga artista! Kagabi na kay Gabby (Concepcion) yan. Lahat na artista pinag aagawan yan. Kasi ang galing galing Β ni Vans. Di ba Liza?”

*English translation: Sister, trust me! Vans is the hair stylist of the celebrities now. Last night he was in Gabby’s (Concepcion) house. All celebrities all want him cos he is so good! Right, Liza?

He started to work on my teeth.

He started to work and he started his usual rants about politics. Especially De Lima. I keep on gagging because I could not help laughing. It is so difficult to be laughing while you have that tube stuck inside your mouth.

And every time he says something I sometimes managed to answer back which was so difficult. But most of the time I answer him in sign language.

*”Yang Trillanes na yan, pag nakita ko yan sasampalin ko talaga yang hayop na yan! Ito ang gagawin ko sa kanya (acting like he is slapping someone). Ito para kay Tina. At ito para sa akin!”

*English translation: That Trillanes if ever I see him I will really slap his face! This is what I’ll do to him (acting like he is slapping someone). This is for Tina and this is for me!

And about De lima…

*”Alam mo ba kapatid yan si De Lima, gina ganyan yan ni Colangco! Pumupunta yan sa bilibid para magpa ganyan kay Colangco!”Β 

*English translation: You know what sister, De Lima is having sex with Colangco. She goes to bilibid just to have sex with Colangco.

I managed to shake my head saying, *”no naman siguro.”

*English translation: I don’t think so

But he insisted: *“Hay, naku kapatid! Maniwala ka sa akin! Nagpapa ganyan yan kay Colangco! Nakita mo ba yung sex video nya? Susmaryosep. Para syang halimaw! Nakakahiya!”

*English translation: OMG, you believe me. She’s having sex with Colangco! Have you seen her sex video? OMG. She looks like a monster.

I laughed so hard that we had to stop for awhile. ‘Cos I gagged like crazy. I thought I was going to die.

He is very close to Madam Marcos. He is always with her acting as her escort in some events. He calls her Nanay. I met Madam Marcos thrice in his clinic. Very gracious woman. I have never met anyone who is as gracious as her. I think I have mentioned that here in one of my post years ago.

So, anyway, he said… *”Si Nanay ayaw talaga ilibing si Presidente sa Libingan ng mga Bayani kasi hindi sila pwede magka tabi doon. Hindi kagaya sa America na itatabi ang asawa. Kaya kapatid, meron ng pinatayo si Nanay na malaking mausoleum sa Ilocos. Doon ililibing si Presidente. Magkatabi sila doon.

*English translation: you know, Nanay doesn’t really want Presidente to be buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani because they won’t be beside each other when the time comes. Not like in America where the Presidents are buried beside the wives. That’s why sister, there’s already a big mausoleum built in Ilocos. That’s where Presidente will be buried. There they will be beside each other.

*Ngayon na pumayag na si Duterte na ilibing si Presidente sa Libingan ng mga Bayani, magpapalabas sila ng official statement, magpapasalamat sila kay Duterte and the family decided to bury the President in Ilocos. All they want is State burial in Ilocos.”

*English translation: Now that Duterte already gave a go signal that they can bury Presidente in Libingan ng Bayani, they will soon come out with a statement thanking Duterte and the family decided to bury Presidente in Ilocos. All they want is a State burial for him.

*”Moral vindication lang naman ang gusto nila Kapatid.”

*English translation: all they want is moral vindication.

Okay, this is first hand news I’m giving you. Gift ko sa inyo kasi I haven’t blogged this week!

My next appointment is next Tuesday and I’m really going back ‘cos right before I left the clinic, Kapatid threatened me:Β *”pag hindi ka bumalik next week, bubunotin ko lahat na ngipin mo pag nagkita tayo!”

*English translation: if you won’t come back next week, I will pull all your teeth when I see you.

I have been busy since Monday working on our Tassel bracelets which is coming out soon. Very, very soon. And I am working on 2 big orders.

I miss you guys tho’.

Hugs and kisses to everyone.


I decided to put english translation to the tagalog words ‘cos lately I have been having followers who are foreigners.

Thank you.




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