Food tasting at Shabu Shabu Shaburi

I was invited for food tasting of the new Japanese resto Shabu Shabu Shaburi on the 4th level of Uptown Mall in BGC.

Shabu Shabu Shaburi is brought here in Manila by the power couple Jeroen & Cecile Zamora-Van Straten.

I received the invitation a week before my birthday. It says Food tasting on Sept. 19, 2016 at 7:00pm, 4th level Uptown Mall, BGC.

I was planning not to go anymore since I was stressed and harassed a few days before the event. As a matter of fact I cancelled two of my birthday lunches that week.

But when Dr. Celdran cleared my 2 maids of Dengue last Saturday I was a bit relieved and decided to go.

I had a little situation on my way there cos I used TB’s driver/bodyguard that night. Vinny used Joshua to go to the birthday dinner of Franny’s (his gf) dad. So, I had no choice.

TB’s driver is not familiar with the streets in BGC (kasi ho mam bihira kami pumupunta ni senyorito dito), not like Joshua and Claudia’s driver who knows the place so well.

So, when I went inside the car and told him where we were suppose to go, he asked me: “saan ho yan mam?” I freaked out. ‘Cos like him I don’t know BGC anymore. Not like before when my kids were still in BSM (British School Manila), I can go around BGC with closed eyes.

But not anymore now. BGC has changed so much. The only place I know now is S&R.

He assured me: “di bale mam, magtanong na lang tayo sa mga Marshalls doon.”

We were going around in circles for about 15 minutes already and we still couldn’t find the place and couldn’t find a Marshall.

I was already getting irritated and angry. I told him: “wala na. Sira na ang gabi ko.”

I told him to just ask anyone in the street. We asked 2 random people in the street that were so helpful and we finally found the place.

I went straight to the venue and this greeted me:


Like always Cecile (Chuvaness) has the best staff and ushers. They were very friendly and accommodating. They brought me to my assigned table. Good thing Cecile put me in the same table as Keri & Francis Zamora. Yay!

One of my favorite couples. My friends Keri & Francis Zamora


A few minutes after we were seated, the waiter approached us and let us choose what soup we like for our Shabu Shabu. I think there were at least 5 soups to choose from. We all choose the same soup, the original Konbu soup. And I didn’t regret it. It was soooo yummy! After we ate Keri and I were still sipping the soup!

After we chose the soup, we were given unlimited wagyu beef and told to go to the buffet table to get the veggies and other food there.


The buffet table


and all the food to choose from!


the dips


What I like is each one has his/her own cooking pot. Which I like cos sometimes me & the kids like different kinds of soups.

my pot


and the veggies I got. I had spinach, leeks and all kinds of mushrooms!


I really had so much fun that night. The food was superb, to say the very least! The best shabu shabu I have ever tasted! I can’t wait to bring the kids here. They all love shabu shabu. Especially Vinny.

picture taking

Me & Keri with the lady of the house Cecile Zamora- Van Straten (aka Chuvaness)


Me & Keri!


Me, Keri & Dinna with her daughter


Opening today, Sept. 21, 2016!




    • Mick, you’ll be surprise. BGC looks so different now. They even have Shagri la Fort already there and other hotels. A lot of new restos. Not like before around 4 to 5 years ago when I ised to bring my kids to school and pick them up it was empty and konti lang the buildings. Now puno and a lot of construcrion going on. Ang dami ng malls also! They have a big Rustans grocery also! I don’t know why way there anymore. I just depend on our drivers.

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