There’s always a way…

I had a small dilemma this morning.

After I finish getting ready for our lunch I didn’t have anyone to take my (ootd) photos.

Usually my designated photographer is Joshua. When Joshua is not around I use Renante (Claudia’s driver).

Every Sunday we only have 1 driver on duty (Joshua and Renante take turns in going day off every Sunday).

The one on duty today is Joshua.

But Claudia used him to go run an errand. So, I was left with no one to take my photos.

Ruby suggested Raymart (the new houseboy).

Ruby: Si Raymart na lang mam
Mam: ha? marunong ba yun?
Ruby: turuan mo lang mam. Madaling matuto yun kasi mahilig yun sa selpie
Mam: ha? sigurado ka Ruby?
Ruby: turuan mo lang mam

English translation:

Ruby: What about Raymat Mam?
Mam: What? Does he know how to take photos?
Ruby: Just teach him Mam. He’ll learn easily ‘cos he’s fond of taking selfies
Mam: What? Are you sure Ruby?
Ruby: Just teach him Mam

 So, that’s what I did. I called him and taught him the basic moves. Zoom in, zoom out, where to click, how to focus, etc.
I told Ruby to stand in front and told him to take a few shots.


It looked okay. So, I went ahead. First thing I told him was take a photo of my shoes. Just the shoes.

This came out:


where’s my shoes, Raymart? And he goes: “one more time Mam! So, I gave him another chance.

He still didn’t get it.


His third try:


Sige na nga. Pwede na

What I did was I set the distance of the camera and I told him to just stay in one place and not to touch the lens anymore. In short, click and shoot lang sya.

He was able to take some decent shots.









Dress: Revolve  ||  Slides: H&M  ||  Bag: Hermes Mini Birkin  ||  Sunglasses: Celine  ||  Watch: Chanel  Willow Jewelry Earrings  ||  Willow Jewelry Tassel Bracelets


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