White, distressed, loose fit over alls

The first time I wore over alls was when I was in 6th grade. I was like 11-12 years old, I think. I remember I wore it in a school event and that day I was the best dressed 6th grader. According to me. hahahaha

The night I got bored  (3 weeks ago) and went online shopping, I saw this white, distressed, loose fit over alls. I don’t own any over alls. The last time I owned over alls was when I was in college. I had a blue denim one and a red one (soft cotton material).

The white over alls went straight to my cart. It says loose fit but I size up ’cause I wanted it really loose.

I wore it today (’cause I wanted to look cool).

I accompanied Vinny to Makati Med for his scheduled abdomen CT Scan (he’s been complaining of tummy ache and his doctor wanted a CT Scan, just to be sure).

At first I was hesitating ’cause I was going to be with Vinny, and Vinny always complain about how I dress up.

“Mom, please ma awa ka sa mga anak mo” – everytime I wear shorts

“Mom, can you wear that when you’re with your friends” – when I wear chunky necklaces

These are his famous words everytime he doesn’t like what I’m wearing.

I am very careful every time I’m with him. Actually, with Claudia also and Vito. Okay, the 3 of them. They are my #1 worst critics.

But I wore it anyway.

And like I said I wanted to look cool so, I wore it with one strap hanging and one strap on.

Vinny didn’t say anything when he saw me. Maybe because he was so nervous of his CT Scan that he didn’t notice me.

Yay. Naka lusot ako.

We went to pick up Franny (his gf) and we went to have lunch first. (Vinny did’t eat tho’ because he had to fast 4 hours before the procedure). His schedule was at 1:00pm.

When I went down the car, he noticed me. He said: “bakit ka naka ganyan Mom?” And I said, “why what’s wrong?” And Franny said, “It’s cute nga eh.”

Yay, may kakampi ako. So, he didn’t force the issue.

After lunch, we went straight to Makati Med. We went first to the cashier and lined up. There was not much people in the cashier area. When our number was called, Vinny went to the cashier. Me and Franny stayed in our seats.

Vinny took awhile in the cashier ’cause they needed a copy of the result of his blood test. Our copy was with his Doctor but he had an email copy. So, Vinny had to email it to them. And that was why it took him a long time.

Franny was playing a game on Vinny’s Ipad and I was on my phone (Facebooking and Instagraming) (hahahahaha). And at the same time chatting with my friend Maritess on Imessage.

I was so engrossed with what I was doing that I did not notice the other strap of my over alls fell. So, the 2 straps were both hanging at this point.

When Vinny was done and he called us, I hurriedly stood up. Not knowing that my overalls straps were both hanging. Since my over alls was very loose it was free falling.

Vinny saw me and said “Mom!!!” He gave me the “I told you so” look.

When I look down my white, distressed, loose fit over alls was already falling and I saw my blue underwear. Presence of mind. I hurriedly got hold of the straps and slipped it back!


Franny didn’t notice what was going on ’cause it happened so fast. I don’t know if some of the people there notice it. Di bale hindi naman nila ako kilala.

We then proceeded to the CT Scan area and we never talked about it. First, because Vinny was nervous (actually the 3 of us were nervous) and second, Franny was around.

But I know Vinny will not let this incident pass just like that. I will wait tomorrow during our Sunday lunch. I know he will tell Claudia about it and I’ll never hear the end of this.







Over alls: ASOS  ||  Tshirt: H&M  ||  Espadrilles: Chanel  ||  Bag: Hermes Birkin  ||  Sunglasses: Dior  ||  Willow Jewelry Necklaces  ||  Willow Jewelry Tassel Bracelets



  • hahaah ok lang yan Ms. T!

    Hope Vinny is ok. I went through some tummy problems years ago and I had to do CT and colonscopy/endoscopy. It was ok. My doctor said I had IBS. I ended up just being careful with my diet. No spicy or greasy foods. And also it is caused by stress so I try to manage it better.

    Hope everything is well with Vinny 🙂

    • Hi Christine! You are right the Doctor is suspecting IBS. And I suspect it’s because of stress! We are waiting for the result of his CT Scan. I want him to see a therapist so he can manage his stress better.
      Thanks Christine! 😘🌸

  • Hahaha you’re so funny, Ms. T! You might want to wear spandex shorts next time just in case it happens again. =D

  • Hahahahahaha, napalakas ang tawa ko. I have an embarassing experience regarding outfit too pero iemail ko na lang. Medyo hiyang hiya ako, kabig ko na lang e, d ko naman ulit makikita na yung mga taong yun sa mrt. 😂

    Pero isip isip ko naglipana smart phones nowadays i might ended up in someone’s fb somewhere out there in the social media. Wahahahaha.

  • Praying for favorable result for Vinny’s tests, Ms.T! Your wardrobe malfunction incident was way tooooo funny. Thanks for making me lol.

    • Thanks Med! I really hope he’s okay. Actually we’re all mervous about it. The result will come out on Wednesday and we see his doctor on Thursday. I’ll update you!
      Thanks again!

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