And yet again…

Vito finally went back to Vancouver today. He was suppose to go back last month (first week of July) but then he changed his mind and decided to take his time and relax a bit after his graduation.

He has so many plans. The young and the restless.

He had one on one lunch with Vinny last Monday and me was last Thursday (altho’ Claudia joined us last minute). By appointment na sya ngayon.

His flight today was at 3:00pm so we had an early lunch (brunch) ’cause he was not done packing yet and we had to leave the house by 1:00pm. Claudia wanted in Wildflour (BGC), so, that’s where we went.

Pinagbigyan ako ng isang shot


Next shot nilayasan na ako sabay “enough Mom”


After brunch, we hurriedly went home and packed (Ruby and I helped him). There was a lot of  “should I bring this?” “should I leave this behind?” He still has a lot of stuff in Vancouver but he wanted to bring just one luggage. We had to decide quickly what he should leave behind.

I told him to hurry up ’cause we were running late and I was already feeling nervous.

 We left the house past 1:00pm and got stuck in the traffic near Tramo. I really don’t know how and why the traffic was that bad on a Sunday. Has it really gone this bad? Jesus Christ.

Then he started to panic. The traffic was not moving at all. We were trying to do online check-in while waiting for the traffic to move, but signal was so slow. We didn’t have a choice but to sit it out.

When we got to the airport I told the porter to help him cut through the line since he is already late for his flight.

He goes: “sorry Mom no time for pictures I’m so late already.” I told him not to worry about it and to text me after he checked-in (at this point I was already worried he might not be able to make it).

He texted me a few minutes after I got home. He barely made it on time.


All 3 of them call me “mama” every time they make me lambing.

Then it sinked in. All of a sudden the house felt so empty and so quiet. I thought by now I am use to it already.

I guess not.


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