Product Review: Derma e Anti Wrinkle Vit. A

I have been wanting to write this post for more than 2 weeks already. I never got around to do so for so many reasons. And one is it has been raining constantly and it was difficult for me to take photos.

You know that I always love to share with you guys if there’s a product (make up or skin care) that I love and that has worked for my skin.

So, anyway… earlier this month I ran out of toner ( I use different kinds of toner). Everytime I go to Healthy Options I always stock up on products that are new to me for me to try. I do this also every time I go to Watson’s and see new Korean products.

The last toner I was using was Tony Moly’s Rice water toner. When it ran out I dug my stock and decided to use this:

Derma e Anti Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Toner with Papaya


and my life was never the same again, so to speak.

I noticed the difference in my skin 2 weeks after I started using this. I guess it takes awhile for it to take effect.

The first thing I noticed was my make up looked so flawless. My make up didn’t just sit on top of my skin. It literally blended into my skin. So, it made it last longer and it made it smoother.

That was the first thing I noticed.

The second thing that I noticed was my face was so smooth and glowy after I clean at night.

What the hell is going on here? Bakit ang ganda ganda ko na? Bakit bigla akong gumanda? Ano bang nangyayari dito?

Then I realized, sh*t it’s the toner. That was the only thing that changed in my regimen for the last few weeks.

Ito na nga.

I have no idea why it worked so good on me. Maybe because I use this (every night. Part of my regimen):

Derma e Anti wrinkle Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate Creme


and once a week (every Saturday) this is the mask I use for a few months now:

Derma e Anti Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Mask


I know that you need to exfoliate your skin every now and then to dissolve the dead skin. I have been telling you that make up will work better if you exfoliate your skin. You need to take out the dead skin so your make up will look nice, glowy and fresh. Putting make up on a dead skin will make you look dry, patchy and it won’t blend evenly.

All these products have exfoliants (glycolic) and therefore it is dissolving my dead skin all the time.

So, therefore I conclude that ito na nga ang may salarin!

the evidence



I dunno if you notice anything. I look at my face everyday and maybe every 5 minutes (I have a big mirror inside my bag at all times). Maybe that’s a little exaggerated, but I look at my face all the time. Like all women do. Admit it, you too. Right? So do I.

That’s why I noticed any change on my skin. If there’s any.




Top: Hanes  ||  Shorts: Levis  ||  Bag: Hermes Birkin  ||  Espadrilles: Soludos||  Sunglasses: Lotos  ||  Willow Jewelry Chokers  ||  Willow Jewelry Tussel Bracelets  ||

You can get these products at any Healthy Options branch.


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