Random stuff last week

Early morning (around 6:00-6:30am) Monday last week while I was having coffee in the lanai our new (2 mos. old) houseboy Mack Mack approached me.

Mack mack: mam, di pa bo mam ang usapan natin taga linis ako sa labas ng bahay. Pag dumumi ang mga aso sa loob ng bahay, bakit ako ang nag lilinis?
Mam: bakit, sino gusto mo mag linis? ako?
Mack mack: hindi naman po mam.
Mam: sino?
Mack mack: yung mga babae mam.
Mam: sino ang amo dito. Ako o ikaw?
Mackmack: ikaw mam
Mam: pwes kung ano sasabihin ko sayo, yun ang sundin mo.
Mack mack: hindi mam. Dapat…
I did not let him finish.
Mam: wala na tayong dapat pag usapan pa Mack mack. Nagkakape ako dito ang aga aga bwi bwisitin mo ako
Mack mack: eh, mam. Kung ako ang mag lilinis sa dumi ng mga aso sa loob ng bahay, dapat dagdagan mo ang sweldo ko.
Mam: ilang buwan ka lang ba dito ha? Dalawang buwan ka pa lang. Wala kang experience. Ako pa ang nag turo sayo paano mag linis. Ilang beses ko pa binalik balik kasi hindi mo agad ma kuha. Ang usapan natin tuwing sabado mag gagardening ka. Ginawa mo ba? di ba hindi? Nag reklamo ba ako? di ba hindi. Ang ginagawa mo lang mag linis sa garahe at sa lanai. Ano ba naman yang pa minsan minsan linisin mo pag na dumi si Schumi sa loob ng bahay. At gusto mo ngayon tataasan ko sweldo mo?
Mack mack: eh, gusto ko naman mam gumanda buhay ko.
Mam: hoy, mack mack dalawang buwan ka pa lang dito. Gusto mo gumanda na agad buhay mo? matoto ka muna mag trabaho.
Mack mack: kung sa ganun mam, aalis na lang ako
Mam: eh, di umalis ka.

And he really left! Leche. Life goes on. Time to look for a new one. I don’t want to stress myself.

CVS (Chuvaness) sent me a copy of the latest stats of the top bloggers in Manila. And like last month I am still on top of so many well known bloggers. yay! When Vinny got home from work I went to his room and showed him the blog stats.

Look at this Vin. Wow, I am still relevant! Vinny looked at it and told me seriously: “Mom, please don’t post my pictures in your blog.”

Isn’t that too late already? I have been posting your pictures in my blog since you were 10 years old! Jeeeez Louise.

When I got home after my lunch with Jerry last Friday I told Claudia and Vito one of the things that Jerry and I talked about. I said you know *bleeeeep*….

…”buti nga sa kanya! At least naka bawi din ako.”

Vito: stop propagating hate mom. If you can stop hate, why not? You post a lot of nice quotes on Facebook. So, what are those?

Si Vito parang korek.

I am not propagating hate. I’m just happy that naka bawi din ako sa kanya. ‘Cos she never stopped talking bad about me.

The following morning I called Jerry ‘cos there was something I forgot to tell him. I told him about this incident that happened to us during one of our sales call in Malate, Manila.

Our schedule that day was visit the travel agencies in Malate area. After lunch while we were walking along one of the streets in Malate (I forgot the name of the street. The street right behind Malate Church), we saw this old, old 2 story building and on the ground floor was this antique store. It was not only an antique store they were also selling barongs and long sleeves linen shirts. We always pass by this store but we never go inside.

That day we saw on the show window a nice pink long sleeves linen shirt. Very well displayed. Sosyal tingnan. And I really liked it. So, I told Jerry: “halika Jerry pasok tayo! I like that shirt.” I knew I could not afford that shirt ‘cos that store was sort of high end. I was just curious and besides Jerry and I were killing time since the travel agencies were still on lunch break.

So, we went inside. Looked around. Wow, the antique pieces were so beautiful and the shirts on the rack were really, really nice. Ang sosyal ng shop.

No one was there. So, we just looked around. Suddenly there was this old gay guy na mukhang mataray that appeared.

Old gay guy: anong ginagawa nyo dito? (in a very, very taray voice. Na akala mo mga beggars ang pumasok)

me: mag kano yung shirt nasa window?

Old gay guy: lumabas kayoooooo! Labasssssss! (as in screaming. Akala mo ni nakawan namin sya)

Jerry and I got so surprised, scared and angry. So, we left.

While we were already outside Jerry and I looked at each other and said: ano yun? what did we do? I got so insulted and hurt. And we vowed to never go back to that place ever again.

I asked Jerry if he remembered. OMG. I’ll never forget that incident. And Jerry said “halika balik tayo doon tapos park natin mga kotse natin sa labas ng store nya!” hahahahaha.

I told Jerry that old faggot probably is dead by now. That happened more than 20 years ago and at that time matanda na sya.


Our new houseboy arrived yesterday afternoon and his name is Raymart. As in Raymart Santiago.

This morning he asked me if I can spare him a towel cos he forgot to bring one. So, I told Ruby to look for old towels in the kids room. Ruby gave him Vito’s old Bugs Bunny beach towel. The one with a hood. And with ears.

One of Marivic’s pasalubongs to me was this dress. I wore it yesterday and posted it on Instagram. Marivic said that the picture was blurred so here is the dress in clear copies








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