My friend Jerry…

Where do I begin?

I met Jerry when I was new in Manila and working in a travel agency in mid 80’s. He was an airline executive and he visits travel agencies together with his officemate Rose (Santos).

Jerry and Rose were both working in USAir. An offline US airline carrier.

They both often visit the travel agency where I was working and we quickly became good friends. They spend more time in our agency just to chat with me and have lunch during our lunch break.

We became more close when I moved to America West Airlines (also an offline US airline carrier). My office was just a street away from their office in Legaspi Village. We now go together and visit travel agencies together. Sometimes we go with some of our friends in other airlines.

The travel industry was very hot at that time (in the 80’s) and we had so much fun working. We were both young (mid 20’s) altho’ struggling but having the best time of our lives.

Jerry became my confidant. Someone who I talked to about everything in my life. About how I missed my family back in Cebu, my love life, my office life, etc. He was always the first one I ran to when I feel sad, mad, hungry and if there’s any new chismiss about someone we know.

And having him as a friend made everything (life per se) bearable. We laughed a lot. We ate a lot. We talked a lot. But more on laughed a lot. hahaha.

But that all stopped when I got pregnant with Vinny. I found out I was pregnant with Vinny when I was already about 3 weeks into my pregnancy. I was complaining a lot to him ‘cos I couldn’t stand the smell of the perfume of one of my officemates. “hay naku Jerry, ano bang perfume ginagamit nya? Nasusuka ako sa amoy! Nasa labas pa lang sya ng building alam ko na kasi na aamoy ko na sya!” And he goes, “bruha ka  sobra ka mang lait ha. Sige, laitin mo pa!” ‘Cos he knew I really didn’t like that officemate.

TB asked me to stop working since I was having a hard time during my first trimester. And I felt so sad because I knew I was going to miss Jerry and Rose. But I didn’t have a choice ‘cos I was really having difficulty in my pregnancy.

Being a housewife took over my life and I never heard or saw Jerry again.

We got reunited a few years ago thru his sister who bought a necklace from Willow Jewelry. He apparently asked his sister where she bought it and his sister said “from Tina Tagle.” And he goes kilala ko ‘yan. Kilala ko si Tina Tagle! He asked my number from his sister.

And the rest is history.

We have been planning to have lunch for a long time now and it always get rescheduled. But it didn’t really matter ‘cos we are friends in Facebook and somehow we are connected and updated with our lives already. And I was happy that I found him again.

He called me last week and said he loves our Horsebit bangle and he wants to order. “we have to see each other so you can measure my wrist. Tamang tama ‘cos I owe you lunch. I’ll call you next week and set the day”

He called me back last Monday and it took us more than 15 minutes to decide where to eat.

Jerry: saan mo gusto kumain?
Me: anywhere, Jerry.
Jerry: you be the one to choose.
Me: hmmmm… can’t choose. Ikaw na bahala Jerry, ikaw naman mag bayad eh. hahahaha
Jerry: saan? gusto mo sa Blackbird? Inagiku?
Me: hoy, sobra ka ha. You know me. Maski saan pwede ako.
Me: sige sa Tsukiji na lang.

The first thing he told the waitress when he got to Tsukiji was: “doon kami sa walang masyadong tao kasi mainggay yung kasama ko.”

I knew it was going to be a long lunch, it looked like a hundred years of catching up to do.



Time flew by so fast. And whether we like it or not we have to go and get on with our lives.

We went down and he asked if my driver was there already. I said yes, he’s here na. And I asked him if he parked in the basement. And he said, “my driver is in front waiting for me.”

We hugged and kissed.

Iba na kami ngayon, di driver na kami.

I love Jerry. I always will.










Top: Armani Exchange  ||  Culottes: Uniqlo  ||  Slides: H&M  ||  Bag: Gucci  ||  Sunglasses: Celine  || Willow Jewelry Necklaces  ||  Willow Jewelry Bangles



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