If you follow me in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook I think you know by now that I went for a quick trip to Boracay.

When I go for a trip I normally tell you guys before I leave. But I wasn’t able to blog about this trip because we were in a hurry (sort of last minute thing). I tried to blog using the WordPress app on my phone while I was in the airport but it didn’t go thru.

I was with Marivic and Pablo, my friends from London. It’s Pablo’s first time in the Philippines, so we made sure he will have fun. Marivic promised Pablo to bring him to Boracay (Pablo heard so much about Boracay).

Even tho’ it was raining almost every day ever since they arrived here we decided to push through ‘cos Pablo told us, “I am not going back to London without going to Boracay.”

I booked our flights and accommodation. For our accommodation I booked us in Fairways and Bluewaters (we are members there). So, it was so easy for me to get rooms even if it was last minute.

Armed with our  sunglasses, jackets and swimsuits we were off to Boracay on a rainy Wednesday morning.

Marivic, Pablo and me


We were ready for the rain (altho’ deep down inside us we were hoping and praying the rain will stop while we were there).

Cebu Pacific was on time.


Not only was Cebu Pacific on time, we landed 10 minutes earlier than expected. And, the sun was out when we arrived. Yay! We were so happy!

We were happy like this.


We took the tricycle from the airport going to the port.

After we checked in, we hurriedly changed to our swimsuits. We were planning to make use of the sun while it was out. After we had lunch we started to trek to the shore.

The last time I was in Boracay was in 2013. It still looked the same aside from the plastic covers that was put up to protect the guests from the sand storm. But other than that, it was still the same. Especially the Koreans that come in big groups.

When I was there in 2013 lying down on the beach chairs by the shore was free (for as long as you order drinks from the bar). But this time they were charging P100.00 per hour to be able to use the beach lounging chairs.



We refused to pay P100.00 per hour for the beach chairs so we ended up here. Nagmukha kaming mga yagit.


But even then we had so much fun. The sun was out, it wasn’t raining, the water was warm (altho’ the waves was so wild).


We stayed in our spot until the sun went down and walked by the shore. We were looking for Jonah’s fruit shake which Pablo’s friend said that he should try. I told him all the fruit shakes here are all good. But he insisted on Jonah’s.

So, we kept on walking until we saw this:


I told Pablo maybe it is Jony’s not Jonah’s. And he said, “no, my friend said it’s Jonah’s.” Let’s just try Jony’s maybe this is also good and who knows your friend is wrong. Instead of Jonah’s it is really Jony’s.

So, we went inside and ordered some fruit shakes.


I ordered papaya and banana shake. And it was so yummy.

It suddenly started to rain so hard and we sat there for like an hour waiting for the rain to stop. When the rain stopped we decided to walk again. While we were walking, we saw this:


Pablo was right. There is a Jonah’s.

When we got back to our room Marivic and I was so tired and decided to go to bed. But Pablo wanted to go out and have a drink. I told him: “can you just go to Grindr, maybe you will find someone to go out with tonight.”

Pablo ended up going to bed early, too. Poor guy.

It rained the whole night. When we woke up the following morning it was still raining. After getting ready for the day we went to look for the breakfast place that Claudia suggested we should go. The place is called Real Coffee. Fairways is about 5 to 10 minutes shuttle ride to D’Mall.

We found the place right away.


Claudia is right. The place serves really good breakfast. Apparently they are also known for their Calamansi muffins which was so good, too. I brought home 2 boxes for Claudia.

We sat in Real Coffee until the rain stopped. It looked like we sat there the whole morning!

The rain finally stopped and I told them I need to have some pictures taken before it rains again! hahahahaha. So, we ran to the beach.


Ang gwapo talaga ni Pablo!


It rained practically the whole morning and we were just in D’Mall shopping. Pablo wanted to buy some pasalubongs. He found some sea shells that he liked and bought two.


After shopping it was still raining so we went back to our room. We decided to just chill by the pool the rest of the day when the rain stopped.

Altho’ we are members in Fairways ever since it opened back in late 90’s we have been there only once when my kids were small. Every time we go to Boracay we usually don’t stay there since it is not beach front. This is only my second time to stay there so I really don’t know the place well.

When we went to the pool area which they call Paradise Cove our mouth dropped. The place was so beautiful. It has an infinity pool and below the infinity pool was a cove.


We ended staying in the cove the rest of the day. It was very relaxing and we enjoyed the serenity of the place.


I wanted to bring them to Talipapa (wet market) for our last night but it was the wrong time to go there. I’m sure it was going to be so messy because of the rain.

We did not go out of Fairways anymore for dinner and had dinner instead in one of their restaurants the La Terraza. We had all kinds of fresh grilled seafood.

I just feel bad because Pablo wasn’t able to go out at night while we were there.

Our flight the next day was at 9:45am so we left the island at 6:00am. It was raining when we left but Fairways made sure we were comfortable.


Again, Cebu Pacific was on time (yay!). We landed Manila in the pouring rain.

For those who are wondering, Pablo is Marivic’s colleague. They are both nurses in London. Pablo is from Valencia, Spain but based in London.

And he is single.


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