Going Mexican

My friend Grace (aka Divasoria) has been raving about this new Mexican resto in Legaspi village, Lágrima. I have been looking for a really good authentic Mexican resto for a long time already. Grace told me to go try it.

So, last Saturday I decided to go there for lunch.

We were greeted by the owner Manu Lotho. A young guy who used to be based in L.A. but decided to come home and never looked back.

He told us about his story. Having lived in the States for a long time and took the leap and came home and decided to make Manila his home again. He told us also about his day job being in the fashion industry.


Since it was our first time in Lágrima, he suggested what to order. Unlucky for us ‘cos that day they ran out of quesidillas. So, we ordered their Super Nacho.

OMG. This is sooo freaking yummy! I have never tasted like this good in my life.


Manu also told us to order their tacos. They have a lot of choices and we chose the beef, chorizos and chili verde. The tacos were perfection. So good.

beef taco & chorizo taco


chili verde



Manu would come to our table to talk to us in between entertaining some other diners. But would stay in our table longer. I like that he was very hands on in every detail of everything. Very friendly, young and hip. Typical millennial kid.

Right before we left he offered JSP some shots of Don Julio tequila. Talking about being a good host.


Definitely going back!


Ground Floor, BSA Mansion,
108 Benavidez Street
Legaspi Village
Makati City
Top: Ralph Lauren  ||  Denim Skirt: Zara  ||  Shoes: Gucci Princeton Leather Slipper  ||  Bag: Chanel  ||  Sunglasses: Dior  ||  Watch: Cartier  ||


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