Review: Oval Brush vs Beauty Blender

Ever since I had the Oval Make-up Brushes I have been asked a couple of times which is better in applying foundation the oval brush or the beauty blender.

For me hands down it’s the beauty blender.

The oval brush is just a fad. It’s something new and it’s so hyped up. I am not saying it’s not good. I’m saying there are other tools that are better.

  • The oval brush is difficult to grip since the handle is not round. So, it is very uncomfortable when applying your product.
  • The oval brush is difficult to get to some parts of the face. Like for example, the sides of our nose, around the mouth, the side of the eyes, etc.
  • The only good thing about the oval brush for me is the soft bristles

Why is Beauty Blender better?

When applying foundation the best tool for me is a sponge, a damp sponge.

  • it gives a flawless finish
  • it applies seamlessly
  • it is soft to the skin
  • you can control the amount of the product when applying
  • easy to correct mistakes

There’s a lot of good dupes of the Beauty Blender that is way cheaper but still good. For me the best dupe is Real Technique Complexion Sponge. It is only $6.99 compared to $20.00 Beauty Blender.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


Tarte Cosmetics recently came out with their own sponge. The Double Duty Beauty Quickie Blending Sponge at $16.00. It’s also cheaper than the Beauty Blender but more expensive than Real Technique.

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Quickie Blending Sponge


But there are other sponges in the market that are also good. Especially the Japanese ones. Just be careful when buying the cheap sponges ‘cos some cheap sponges soaks up your product.

Anyway, I got my Oval Make-up Brush from my friend Marivic. She ordered it for me in London. This is not the Artis one. The Artis Oval Make-up Brush set costs $450 which is too ridiculously priced.

Artis Oval Make-up Brush


What I have is the Multi Purpose Make-up Brush. So much cheaper than Artis but just as soft and well crafted.

Multi Purpose Oval Make-up Brush Set


What I like about this is it comes with a cleaner. It makes it easier to clean and I can use it also in cleaning my other brushes!

I also love the color! It’s Rose gold.


By the way, MAC has their own set of Oval Brushes, too.

MAC Oval Make-up Brushes

I asked Marivic to get for me some blushes from the brand Make-up Revolution London that is exclusive only in Boots (drugstore in London).

I have been wanting to get hold of these blushes since all British make-up gurus that I follow rave about this brand. Make-up Revolution London is a drugstore brand and they have this 2 blush palettes that is just so beautiful.

Make-up Revolution London Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar


Make-up Revolution London Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice


Look how beautiful those blushes are!

So, anyway… just in case you still want to try the oval brushes the easiest for you to get it is in MAC stores. Altho’ they don’t have the complete set.

For those who have tried the oval brushes, tell me what you think about it.  Do you like it? Let me know!

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