Sunday’s lunch

I always look forward to our Sunday lunch every week end especially now that Vito is in town. This is the only time we all sit down and have a meal together.

We can hardly do that on week days ‘cos all of them have different and crazy schedules.

I asked Claudia first where she wanted to eat and she said she wants Japanese. I told her let’s eat in Tsukiji ‘cos I know they’re so fed up with Inagiku already (“Mom, we have been eating there since I was 5 years old” So, Inagiku is out).

Deciding where to eat is a big production. We have a text chat group and usually choosing where to eat takes them about 2 – 3 hours (or the entire morning) to decide. Back and forth, each one wants a different place.

I usually leave them to argue. One less person to argue with. I just go wherever they want.

But Vinny wanted Izakaya Sensu in BGC (“Tsukiji again?” Tsukiji out.)

Vinny won and that’s where we went.

It’s my first time there so I told Vinny to order for me. He said “just share sukiyaki with me ‘cos it’s big.”

I said, ok.

Vito ordered wagyu beef and Claudia ordered some lemon chicken ( which was so good!).

13731474_1162410333831110_8331535572701467342_n (1)

13731501_1162410330497777_355723235083121687_n (1)

Gone in 5 minutes. Vinny: I’m so hungry. I came from tennis and I haven’t eaten breakfast yet. Vito: I just woke up and I haven’t eaten breakfast also.

Their sukiyaki is different. You have to cook the meat first. When the meat is already cook they put it on a plate and they cook the vegetables next. The raw egg you have to mix it with your rice. It was something different and it was good.

13775433_1162409770497833_1226360336033233319_n (1)

Waiting for the beef to cook.

13754341_1162409880497822_6643420845407912683_n (1)

On our way home they normally play a game. Vinny will say a difficult word, Vito and Claudia will have to say the meaning of the word. I usually just listen to them while I’m trying to get a good selfie. hahahaha

Claudia and Vinny ganged up on Vito. There was this one word that he didn’t know the meaning.

Vito: can you use it in a sentence?
Claudia: dude, is english your second language?
Vinny: english is his foreign language.
Buti na lang hindi ako sumali. Kasi Bisaya is my first language. hahahaha
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