That 70’s look

I got ready early this morning. Vito is sick (swollen tonsils and runny nose) and it’s time to bring him to Dr. Celdran.

He told me last night to wake him up early ‘cos we wanted to be in the clinic early.

So, when I was getting ready this morning I told Ruby (house girl) to wake him up and eat breakfast. He was screaming from his room and I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Ano daw? I asked Ruby and she said: “I need to sleep more daw Mam.”

Hay naku.

While I was in my closet looking for something to wear I saw my favorite old Levi’s jeans that I used to wear in late 90’s. I pulled it right away. Oh, god. I miss this! So, I decided to wear it today. I paired it with a black Kenneth Cole tank top and tied a Shang hai Tang scarf around my neck for a choker effect.

I want to copy Alexa Chung’s look.


When I look at myself in the mirror I had a 70’s vibe going on. I love the look and feel of it.







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