My top 5 favorite beauty products

I have done quite a few hauls the last few months and I have never reviewed them yet. To tell you the truth I haven’t even use all of them. I have so many beauty products that is on stock that I haven’t even touch. And some I have used but not long enough to give a review.

So, what I’ll do is I’ll just do favorites. Let’s say my top 5 favorite beauty products. Products that I have been loving lately. Products that I have been using a lot. Sort of like that. Okay?

Here goes. My top 5 beauty products.

Chanel Le Blanc Fresh Glow Brightening Powder


Actually I bought this sometime last year and it’s only now that I have been using it. Everyday or every time I put on make up. I use this to set my make up and at the same time to highlight my face. It looks pink  but it doesn’t show when you apply it. It just give you a healthy and fresh glow. I super love this.

I found a good dupe for this (I know Chanel is not affordable to everyone). I discovered this sometime last year also.

The Faceshop Flash Pink Powder Beam

It also has the same color as Chanel, pink. And it sort of give the same effect. It’s kinda messy (loose powder) but it’s okay. It brightens your face, gives a healthy and fresh glow.

NARS Laguna Tiare Bronzer


I just recently got this. I think if I’m not mistaken just last month. And I have been using this non stop ever since I got it. I love this! This is now my favorite bronzer. I like the way that it blends nicely on my face and it warms my face just in the right way.

Stila HD Bronzing Beauty Balm SPF 30


I love this cream bronzer. A lot. I rediscovered this just a few weeks ago. First time I used it I didn’t like it and forgot about it. Until I decided to give it another chance. Boom! I fell in love with it.

I apply this where I normally bronze my face (forehead, temple, cheek bones, jaw line, side of the nose) then I set it with the NARS Laguna Tiare bronzer. You can also mix this with your foundation.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Stellar


It might look like that it’s not used but I have been using this for a few weeks now. This is so pigmented that you only need so little. I just lightly touch it with my brush and it’s enough to give me color.

Etude House Golden Ratio Face Glam


This is my favorite cream highlighter now. I love the way that it blends so easy, just the right amount of shimmers and the way that it makes my face glow.

So, there you are.

My top 5 beauty products that I have been loving lately.


  • Hello Ms. Tina! I have the Etude Golden Ratio too and I love it! So much product in a small bottle! A Korean friend pointed out to me that there is a tiny mirror and cream highlighter when you flip the top cover which I didn’t notice at first– it’s amazing as well!!

  • Hey Tina, Thanks for sharing your tips with us. I really like it very much. I am 40 years old and had skin pigmentation problem from very long time and I consult a dermatologist and I am using Cysteamine Cream for my treatment, and I can see the results within 6 weeks. I also add your tips in my plan too. keep sharing like this.

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