After the storm

I was the last one to know that today is a holiday.

This morning I was wondering why Vinny ate breakfast late and was not getting ready for office at past 9:00am, usually they (Vinny & Claudia) leave for work at 9:00. Only then did I know that today is a holiday. Jesus Christ. I am so out of touch.

To those who are asking, Dad is better now. He will be discharge tomorrow. Thank you to all those who wished him quick recovery.

Today is such a lazy day. I was suppose to attend a baby shower that Keri organized for our friend Len. But I texted Keri yesterday and told her I couldn’t make it. I thought I might have to fly to Cebu today.

Altho’ I decided not to fly anymore cos Dad was feeling better already since yesterday and all his tests came out normal. I decided to just stay home and monitor Dad’s condition. My sister update us every hour on the hour thru Viber.

Nana brought the kids out to lunch while I had a scheduled lunch in Wholesome Table in Salcedo Village. This is my fourth time to eat here. For those who love all organic food, this is the place for you. Everything here is organic.


I had crispy calamari


and meatloaf


I love their sourdough bread. I always order this every time I eat here.


I had a nice and relaxing lunch and it was a good break from all the emotions the past days. I’m glad I took a break and smell the flowers.









Top: Uniqlo  |  Shorts: H&M  |  Slides: Zara  |  Bag: Chanel  |  Shades: Prada  |  Willow Jewelry Necklaces  |  Willow Jewelry Earrings


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