The week that was…

The 2 maids that was suppose to arrive last Wednesday hasn’t arrive yet. It got postponed cos the father of one of the girls got hospitalized. But we are expecting them tonight.

Our new houseboy arrived last Thursday. So, that’s one off my mind.

Altho’ I was crippled this week since Joshua (driver) went home to the province due to death in his family. So, me and the kids were fighting over 1 driver the whole week. Joshua came back yesterday. So, everything normalized.

Enough with household issues please! ughhhh…

Willow Jewelry made a new batch of chokers this week to meet some orders. Actually, that’s basically what we were busy of this week. I’m glad our chokers are moving faster than I expected.

The dad of my gay bestfriend Eric (if you have been reading me since way back, then you know who Eric is) died Wednesday early morning. They used to be our neighbor ever since we moved to this house (Eric’s house is right beside our house). And that made me close to his family.

Eric, Roxanne and I hang out a lot back in the day. Until Eric relocated to Tagaytay and left me and Roxanne.

When I heard about the sad news I called Roxanne right away. We agreed to go to the wake asap.

We stayed with Eric the whole afternoon and ended up laughing the whole time.

Eric’s dad and mom each have a care giver plus a nurse on a 12 hour shift. I told Eric and Roxanne that when I get old I want a 12 hour shift care giver, nurse AND a make up artist. Dapat beautiful ako 24 hours.

Leche mas lalo na tuloy dumami staff ko sa lagay na yan.

While Eric said, ako gusto ko, care giver, nurse and lifetime supply of boys.

Here you can see our different needs in life. hahaha.

Yesterday I received an email from Chuvaness. She said my blog is doing okay and sent me a link that showed my analytics and my rank. I asked her to explain to me ‘cos I am not really that technical. I know how to read my analytics in wordpress but other than that I don’t go to any site to check.

So, she explained to me my rank and said that I am now relevant. She said you are even higher than Daphne and Jenni. I said whaaaaaat? OMG. I got shocked. Because I am not really very particular of my content. Basta kung ano ano na lang, I mean I just write whatever is on top of my head.

Chuvaness said that I am relevant, so I guess I really am! and I guess that’s a Yay.

Today, I celebrated my being relevant and went to Salcedo Market and pig out on inihaw na bangus and barbeque.







Top: Forever 21  |  Shorts: H&M  |  Slides: H&M  |  Bag: Chanel  |  Shades: Rayban  |  Willow Jewelry Necklaces  |  Vita Fede Horn Necklace


  • Hi Tina,

    Yes, you are relevant!!!!
    I love your posts because it’s so unpretentious.
    Since discovering your blog, I have relocated countries 2 times because of work,
    and here I am at 6:30 am on a saturday in the West Coast reading

    Please don’t stop blogging.


  • Uy! Tama si Chuva, ikaw na nga! I read your blog to keep updated on makeup trends.
    Keep it up!


  • Ikaw ra ang fashion blogger nga ginabasa nako ug nailhan, ms tins! Kinsa diay tood si daphne ug jenni?

  • relevant indeed! i showed your blog to my mommy friends and we agreed that we should aim to be like you – attending to your kids, working without being losyang!

  • I’m not really into make up but I like your blog for its honesty. No paid placements even if you feature a lot of products. Once a blogger monetizes her blog too much, it loses its uniqueness & original appeal

    • Hi, Gigi!
      That’s why I don’t monetize my blog cos you lose the authenticity. Since my blog is just an outlet for me, I’d rather let it stay as it is. That’s why I am not so concern on my analytics. If people will read me, it’s okay. If not, it’s okay too.
      Thanks! 😘🌸

  • Honestly!!! I followed you on FB, IG & here. Stalker lang. I loved reading your blog because it is very real! Walang etchos etchos & hindi OA! It is what it is. I used to follow a lot of bloggers esp Pinoy ones, but then, all they talked/wrote about are products, resorts, hotels, dinners that they were given vouchers/samples to try! Nakakasawa na rin. At the moment, 3 blogs na lang binabasa ko & your blog is one of them.

  • Hello Madame T,

    Greetings from Bristol, England.

    Yes, you are relevant – in fact very relevant! I follow your blog on a daily basis as well as Chuvaness. Kaya nga minsan, I get disappointed if I do not see a new entry eh. But I forgive you, I know very well that you are also human, lol.

    I recently visited Manila 2 weeks ago and I even went to Wildflour (Podium branch) because I read it in your blog & IG account and I was not disappointed. The cakes were excellent.

    Keep up the good work & I wish you more power.

    • Hi Joel!!!
      Do you know that I have a lot of traffic in UK? The highest traffic I get outside the Philippines is UK!
      Thanks for reading my blog! 😘😘😘

  • I really like the lighting of your photos. It makes you look fresh :). I enjoy reading your blog because it is informative, not commercialise and humorous.

  • Hi Miss Tina,

    Celebrate your being relevant. Bitaw, your blog is very honest, refreshing, candid, and well, relevant. And really funny without trying. Thank you for writing. Keep on writing.

  • Hi Ms. Tina, I agree with everyone here. Your blog is relevant because you’re so real, honest, very candid and unpretentious. Nakaka-inspire. Thank you for sharing a big part of yourself here. 🙂 Please keep on writing!

  • In my shortlist – You are one of the Best! Very authentic and Organic [ I learned this word from Chuvaness :-)) ] I love your family stories, honest cosmetics review ( and no compensation! ) and your chica personality. Please keep on blogging.
    Thank you Ms. Tina 🙂

  • Hi Ms. Tina!

    Yes, you are relevant! I only regularly read three blogs now: yours, chuvaness, and Frances Sales of Topaz Horizon. I love your blog because there are no sponsored posts, I know whatever products you post you really use and buy, plus I love your humor! Nothing beats your personal stories. It makes me wanna be your lunch buddy haha. I’d love to be a fly on the wall during one of your lengthy lunches because I know I’d enjoy every minute of it. 🙂 Please continue blogging!

  • Love your blog Ms. T! I love how candid you are and you are super funny!!! Your blog makes me smile 🙂

    Thanks for always writing even if you have a very busy schedule!

  • Dear Ms Tina,

    Congrats! Ikaw na talaga ang relevant! I agree with everyones comments! Big chunk of my make up knowledge came from you (considering how geeky i am, and now i wear make up lol) ! salamat for being you! Keep it up!

    love, lucy

  • Not a fan of jenni because she doesn’t respond to readers or at least mine … Daphne is okay but I’m not really her demographic… Yours I like because it’s so raw and real.

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