Checking in, basically…


Today, I officially went back to work. I have been telling myself that when I get back (from Vancouver) I am going to clean up my work desk. I have been wanting to do this for a long time already but I keep on putting it off.

The whole week last week was crazy. I couldn’t get anything done ’cause my body clock was confused. It finally got normalize over the week end, so today I am ready. For anything.

I woke up so early and after having breakfast I sat down and started to clean up my work desk. Throw old receipts, rearrange, file, update my to do list, update my calendar, etc. It took me more than 30 minutes to make my desk look decent. Let’s wait how long it will stay like this.

After cleaning up I had to talk to my goldsmith to update him with our orders and to follow up orders. I can’t believe that finished orders are piling up in the shop. I need to really rein things in and hopefully things will normalize before the week end. My mind is so kalat now and I don’t know where to begin.

Aside from work I had to help Vito with his stuff. First on the list (and the most important) was renew his passport. Check.

I am so excited with our Willow Chokers to be finish. I can’t wait. But it looks like Manila is not ready for this trend yet. I predict it will pick up here at the end of the year or early next year. We are so fashionably behind. But I am glad that there are still some people who are on trend. Just a few. And the rest are lagging behind.

And oh, by the way, I am changing my everyday make up these days. I am loving the super highlighted face with defined eyes. One day I just woke up and hated the glam look. I wanted the glowy, dewy and highlighted look. I’ll try to post my updated everyday make up tomorrow.

What else?

I guess that’s about it.

Just checking in, basically.


  • Hi Tina. Just wondering, how do you manage or keep things in check in your house when you’re not there (eg long vacation?). I trust my helper (not to steal or bring strangers in the house) but at the same time you’ll never know. For example, do they feed the dogs on time and properly? It’s hard to check.

    Salamat!! I love your blog. So real 🙂

    • I trust our helpers and we have a security guard 24 hours. But you’re right it’s hard to check. I usually call everyday to check the dogs.

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