Willow Chokers

When I saw 2 of my favorite style icons wearing chokers I told myself it’s time.

I’ve joined the choker trend since early this year. Love it. Slayed it.

But when I saw Alexa Chung and Gigi Hadid rocked the silk chokers…



I hurriedly talked to my staff. We will make these chokers, I said. I asked my goldsmith, “kaya ba natin ‘to?” He said: “kaya ‘mam.”

Okay, GO.

I ordered the materials right away. It arrived a few days before I left for Vancouver and I told them to make one. So, when I got back I already had a black one that was ready for me.




This is how it looks like:



We are going to make it also in all shades of blue, powder pink, nudes and tan. All colors are in production now.

I will let you know once it’s all ready for you. It should be by mid next week. Or you can place your orders now to reserve.

Email us at: willowjewelrybrand@gmail.com or message me in Instagram or Facebook for your orders.


Willow Chokers
Willow Jewelry 2016


One comment

  • maybe some may want twisting the silk, then making a knott or pierce some portion with studs or earrings, and they can also use the earrings to their ears. or have a butterfly/ladybug jewels pinned on the silk or a heart embroider on the silk. just to give it a more unique look. or maybe an embroidery of your product logo, or a the gold logo pendant put somewhere there. endless possibilities really.

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