Van City – day 4 & day 5

June 2, 2016

Vito, Claudia and Kris went to spinning class at 6:00 am. I didn’t sleep well like most nights since we arrived. I’m having a hard time adjusting even with the aid of Zquil.

Everyday I wake up at dawn and couldn’t go back to sleep.

I stood up, made some coffee and watched TV. I Facetimed with Marivic (my friend in London) and chatted with her to pass time. I was waiting for the kids to come back from spinning and for Vinny to wake up. Like me, Vinny is also having a hard time adjusting to the time zone.

Today, they (Vinny & Claudia) leave for London. Technically, this is also our (Vito and mine) last day since our flight back to Manila is tomorrow at 5:15am. So, we have to leave the hotel at 3:00am.

Vinny went to my room at 10:00am already. Complaining that he is having a hard time sleeping. I asked him what he wants to do. He wants to have a haircut.

Vito, Claudia and Kris went somewhere after their spinning class.

So, we walked and looked for a place near our hotel to have breakfast. It’s still cold today. Even colder than yesterday.

Vinny and I walked aimlessly and talked. He was excited to be going back to London. He consider London his hometown and was so excited to see his friends again.

Finally, we found a place that was right across the barber shop. At that time I didn’t mind where we’re having breakfast, all I wanted to do is go inside warm. Like I said it was cold.

Tim Horton. We went inside and ordered coffee and some pastries. Not knowing that it was going to be my lunch already.

Vinny is a serious person. Serious and deep. So, expect that if you sit with him in a meal it is going to be that. Serious and deep.

We crossed the street to the barber shop. Vinny went in and I decided to go back to the hotel. Quickly. ’cause the temperature was killing me.

The kids still hasn’t come back yet. So, I started packing. Looking for a space where I can put Vinny’s vinyl records that he bought the other day. He wanted me to bring it home instead of him lagging it all the way to London. 8 vinyl records is heavy. Just in case you want to know.

I also looked for a space for the goodies that Rey gave me. After dinner last night he handed me 2 bags full of goodies. How thoughtful of him. He really didn’t have to you know, but he did. Thank you Rey. I wish I can reciprocate the things you have done for my family.

Vinny got back from the barber shop an hour or so after. He was waiting for the kids to come back ’cause Mark (Vito’s friend) was planning to bring them to Stanley Park.

Kids arrived. Claudia made last minute packing ’cause she made last minute shopping. When she was done they all left. They wanted me to go with them but I didn’t want to be outdoors with the temperature dropping. They said they will be back before 4:00, ’cause they have to leave for the airport at 4:00 for their 6:00pm flight.

I stayed in my room the whole afternoon waiting for them. Just resting and packing.

They came back exactly 4:00pm. We checked out the boys room and Vito moved to my room.

We brought Vinny and Claudia down to the lobby and I was feeling sad about them leaving. They will be in London for a week and a half.

We all hugged and kissed and off they went. I told them to text me when they board and when they land.


Vito, Kris and Mark left again. I was left alone in the room and fixed Vito’s luggage. He gave me some things to put in my luggage.

After finally packing everything, the sun came out. I decided to take a walk to Nordstrom. There was this pair of shoes that I liked and regretted why I didn’t get it.

 I was in Nordstrom fitting shoes when Vinny texted me saying they were boarding. I felt so sad. I started to really miss them. I ended up buying more than 1 pair.

Vito texted me and asked me if I want to have dinner with them but I said I’ll just order room service. I requested for a wake up call at 2:45am the following day.

We left the hotel 3:15am and on our way to the airport I received a text from Vinny. They just landed in London. I told him we were on our way to the airport.

After checking in we were told to go straight to our gate ’cause we were already boarding.

Our flight left 1 hour ahead of time.

I don’t know if I enjoy this arrival/departure part of my life.

Vito is going back to Vancouver in July. He plans to work there for 2 years. And just thinking about it is making me sad again.

Another pair of shoes, perhaps?


  • That’s what my mom had been feeling when the 4 of us started leaving one by one. She just kept herself busy with her business. As a daughter, I see to it that I message her often.

    Awww all of a sudden I miss my family…

  • don’t be sad! my mom had the same feelings when we all left for college, and eventually to have families of our own. but we all always make sure to keep in touch through a viber/whastapp group and of course, christmas is non-negotiable. We all have to be there!

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