Van City – day 3

June 1, 2016
We all woke up late. The kids came home past 1am while I was jet lagging. I slept early the night before but I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep until 5:00am. Except Claudia, she went spinning at 6:00am.
I woke up ahead of them but I didn’t want to wake them up, so, I decided to make coffee in my room and watched TV. I waited for the boys to call. Their room was just down the hallway from our room.
They finally called past 10:00am and they were ready, Claudia and me were also ready. When we got out of the hotel I felt the whiff of the cold wind right away. Today was the coldest ever since we arrived. And it was gloomy most of the day.
All the stores were open when we hit the streets. Our first stop was J.Crew. My kids love J. Crew, especially Vito. They never fail to drop by any J. Crew store when we’re abroad. We shopped there for like an hour until Vinny was complaining that he was hungry and he was already cranky.
When I asked the kids where they want to eat Vinny answered, “ask Claudia. She wants healthy bullshit.”
Oh uh. Gutom na ‘to.
Vito suggested to go back to Gas Town. And we all said nooooo. Nobody wanted to walk that far. So, we just kept on walking until we saw Chipotle.
When Claudia saw it, she freaked out. And begged to eat there. Lucky us the line was not that long yet ’cause a few minutes after the line was up to the street already.
Around 12:45pm we got out of Chipotle. We went back to the hotel and changed. We needed to leave the hotel at least by 1:45pm.
Claudia and I took a selfie after we changed.
I know I said I will pair my Chanel jacket with a palazzo pants. But Rhea (house girl) made a mistake and packed the skirt. I tried wearing it with a skirt when I was packing and it also looked nice but still I decided on the palazzo pants. But Rhea packed the skirt instead. So, I didn’t have a choice but to wear the skirt. While Claudia wore a black dress with a blanket scarf.
A few minutes after the boys were already knocking on our door and we all left for UBC.
The ceremony was scheduled to start at 4:00pm. We got there past 2:00 pm. So, while waiting we took some pictures and went around the campus.
2 of Vito’s good friends/barkada since highschool (BSM) who happened to study in UBC also were there to attend Vito’s graduation
Kris Young and Kat Yu
Since Claudia is the same batch of Vito in High school they share the same friends. I am very grateful that they took time to entertain us when we were there. Mark Siy another classmate in BSM who is now based in Vancouver took them around too.
UBC campus is so beautiful. Big and beautiful. Full of beautiful tress and flowers. It soon started to drizzle so we decided to line up. There were 2 lines. The line with tickets and the line without tickets.
Vito didn’t take care of our tickets until the last day. He was able to get only 1 ticket. It obviously went to me.
When we got to the venue (where the ceremony was going to be), the line was already very long. It went all the way outside of the building already. While standing in the line it started to drizzle hard. Then very soft rain. I stood in the rain for a couple of minutes until I decided to go inside the building.
When I went to the start of the line there was this Chinese couple that I asked if it was the line for people with tickets. And the guy said yes.
I lined up behind them (not really behind them since there were people already behind them. But just within the area. Hindi naman ako nagpa halata na may plano akong sumingit). The Chinese guy told me, you need to line up outside. I said, I know. But it is raining.
Lecheng insik na ‘to. Nakiki alam pa sa akin. eh, umuulan noh.
But the Chinese couple wouldn’t let it go. They kept on looking at me and talking to the other people there. They were the only ones who made a big deal out of it. I stared back at them. This time with my dagger eyes.
Then he called one of the watchers and told her about me. I know they were talking about me ’cause the watcher would look at me. And right after they talk the watcher started to scan the tickets. Except mine. She went passed me. I was so pissed off.
Come on. Can you break the rule for once. After all it is raining!
I was contemplating should I make a big deal out of this. Parang maling tao yata kina kalaban nyo.  Should I? I could, you know.
But I was thinking the reaction of my kids.
Claudia would say: “mom, don’t make a scene. It’s so embarassing.”
Vinny would say: “mom, wag mo ipalabas pagka bisaya mo.”
So, I let it go and went outside. In the rain. Lecheng insik ka, may araw ka din sa akin.
Good thing Kat was able to find an umbrella for me.
I went back to my line with a heavy heart. hahaha.
We stood there for like 45 minutes. In the rain.
Then the line started to move.
I was able to find a seat that was right across the stage. yay.
I was very impress on how smooth and organized the ceremony was. There were only 2 people who gave a short and very good speech. First, the Chancellor and second, the vice Chancellor.
The whole ceremony finished in just an hour. Even the going out of the venue was very organized.
The rain has stopped by then and we took some pictures again. This time Vito was wearing his toga.
With Suvi Hoikka (another classmate in highschool who also goes to UBC) and Kris Young
After taking pictures we hurriedly went out of the campus to go meet up with Rey.
Rey Gloria is TB’s friend and who stood as Vito’s guardian in Vancouver. He is the Vicky Belo in Vancouver. One of the best, if not, the best cosmetic surgeon in Vancouver. When he visited us in Manila a few years ago he invited us to visit him. So, I promised to see him when Vito graduates.
 He’s been wanting to meet up with us ever since the day we arrived and tour us around the city but our schedule was so tight. I told him to join us in Vito’s graduation dinner instead.
He booked our dinner at 7:00pm in Hys Steakhouse.
He offered to pick us up in UBC but I said we will just meet him in the restaurant ’cause I didn’t want to bother him. I know he is very busy in his clinic.
There is no Uber in Vancouver. They only have yellow cab. Vito booked 2 cabs (we invited Kat and Kris to dinner. Suvi couldn’t join us ’cause she had a class) around 6:00pm and they said it’s going to take around 30 minutes since it was rush hour.
We stood in the street drizzling and waiting for the yellow cab to arrive.
We patiently waited for the cabs. By 6:30pm and the cabs didn’t arrive yet I was beginning to get worried. We kept on telling Vito to follow up, but his calls would just go to voice mail. So, I decided to call Rey.
I asked him if he can pick us up instead since we couldn’t get a cab. And he said sure, I’ll be there in 10 minutes.
We all screamed.
At this time we were all cold already. I was shivering, Claudia wrapped herself with her scarf and Vinny was silent (scary silent). While Vito, Kat and Kris weren’t affected with the weather. It was just normal for them.
Every time a car would pass by we would all scream ‘Rey, is here!!!’ It took us 1 million scream ‘Rey is here’ and a million times Claudia would say “Mom, you said he will be here in 10 minutes” before Rey finally arrived.
When I saw Rey, I literally jumped from the curb (where I was seated) and ran to his car. No hi, no hello, I told Rey right away, ang lamig Rey!!!
We all packed ourselves in Rey’s 7 series BMW car. All six of us. We were scared baka ma huli si Rey because of overloading. But we didn’t care. We were cold and hungry!
It was a 20 minute ride from UBC to the restaurant.
Finally. We were all seated and dry.
We made sure we had fun celebrating Vito’s graduation. We all had steak and Claudia ordered a bottle of red wine.
We gave Vito a toast and we ate, we laughed and had fun that night. Hindi halata nag hintay kami sa ulan! hahahaha.
I felt so bad tho’ that I wasn’t able to spend more time with Rey. He wanted so much to give us a tour around Van City. I am forever grateful to him ’cause he took care of Vito when needed.
Rey, Vito has cough please check on him. Rey, can you bring Vito to the doctor ’cause he’s been sick for 2 weeks already. Rey, Vito is not replying to my texts, can you please call him. Rey, Vito is not picking up my calls, can you call him please I am worried…
Thank you so much Rey. Promise next time I come back I’ll spend more time with you and get to know your lovely city.
We all went home a little before 10:00 pm. We walked back to the hotel (with Kris who stayed with the boys that night) which was just around the corner and Kat caught a train going back to Richmond.
Day 4 soon…


  • hi miss t! how come same batch si vito and claudia?

    congrats to vito and to you of course!!

    • Hi Anna! Vito and Claudia are just 10 months apart. Irish twins. When I enrolled them in BSM (British School Manila) the head of school decided to put them in the same grade. 🌸

  • Hi Miss T!
    I stumbled upon your blog and now I read it everyday. I enjoy your posts because I find it very truthful and funny 🙂
    I wanted to know about the Quay sunglasses that you got in black, are they mirrored pink lenses. How are they? Are mirrored lenses the thing now? Thanks in advance for the response.

    • Hi Malou! Thanks for reading my blog! The Quay pink and black sunglasses are mirrored lens. I like it. Quay brand is very popular now. They have nice designs and cheap lang.
      Mirrored sunglasses are nice during summer that’s why they’re everywhere now!
      Thanks again!

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