Back and jet lagged

I got back last Saturday morning with Vito in tow. Our flight landed an hour ahead of schedule. When Schumi saw me and Vito entered the house he went ape shit.

Vinny and Claudia went to London from Vancouver as scheduled.

I was basically in Vancouver for 5 days. I only went there to see Vito commenced. It is a milestone for me just as much as it is for him.

When I saw him cross that stage from where I was sitting, I broke down. Literally.

I’m done. I did my job. All the sacrifices and the sufferings I endured to keep this family together has paid off.

I have raised 3 wonderful, intelligent, down to earth kids. Inspite of.


Sauders School of Business
University of British Columbia
Vittorio Stefano Enad Tagle


I’ll write about my trip on my next post. I’m still jet lagging.

Happy to be back!



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