Life Update

How come every time I am feeling down and wants to give up on life something always comes up to make me feel good?

First, my lovely talk this morning with my friend Maritess. Thanks ‘tess. You’re always there for me. You were the one who pulled me through when my brother died. And now your encouraging words literally pulled me out of bed.

And I received this email from a client:


It’s really true that God always sends you angels in time when you need them.

Our Canadian visa is out. Thank God.

And it’s my son, Vito’s birthday today! I spoke to him and I kept on screaming on the phone ‘cos I got so excited. He said:”Jesus christ, stop screaming.”

Happy birthday my love.


I have been missing for a couple of days now ‘cos my menopausal symptoms kicked in again. And when this happens I have no gana to do anything. My apologies.

I miss you all. x0x0





Top: Zara  |  Jeans: Jaimie Jeans  Topshop |  Shoes: Forever 21  |  Bag: Givenchy Antigona  |  Sunglasses: Prada  |  Watch: Michael Kors  |  Shark Tooth Givenchy Necklace  |  Willow Jewelry Roman Numerals Bangle  |  Bvlgari Ring

This is an old ootd. This was taken the day before my brother died.


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