Come, let’s have a drink and talk…

I decided to sit down and talk to you guys. I have not done this in a long time and I kinda miss posts like this.

So, halika mag kwentohan tayo.

I have been so busy with Willow Jewelry ever since we got back from Tokyo. When I came back home to Manila after the burial of my brother (I was gone for like a week) I worked on our Japanese visa right away. Then we left for Tokyo. So, you can just imagine how much work was piled up.

So, for the past 2 weeks I have been working on the orders that were left hanging. By next week I will be able to catch up on my work already. Yay! I have 2 more old orders that I will work on and we are already updated.

Every time I call my platero (goldsmith) for new orders he tells me: “mam, unahin muna natin yung mga luma bago natin gawin yan.”

Sorry for boring you with work related issues. That’s what I have been busy of for weeks. And also filing our Canadian visa application. But that’s done already. We have submitted all necessary documents. But at least I will be updated with work already by the time I leave for Vancouver. I won’t be staying there long ‘cos Vinny and Claudia are flying to London (for work) right after Vito’s graduation. And I don’t want my orders to pile up again. It’s so exhausting and confusing not to mention very stressful.

In the outside world, I noticed people are already very into the election fever. That’s what I hear day in and day out. People talk about it non stop. We have less than 10 days left until election day and a lot of people have been asking me who I am voting for.

You all know I am not a political person. I am not one to argue with you about my candidate or be vocal about the candidates issues. But of course I will exercise my right to vote and I have already chosen my candidate since a month ago.

Vinny, Claudia and me have the same candidate (President). One time over lunch we asked each other who we were voting for and it so happen we are voting for the same candidate.

Our Presidential candidate is Mar Roxas. Please do not argue with me or hate on me for my choice. Let’s respect each other’s choice.

Okay, moving on… I was suppose to go to my Dentist and my orthopedic Doctor this week but I couldn’t squeeze it in. My hormones are acting up again and I have been having menopausal symptoms (yes, I still get it) this whole week. It’s not as bad as before but I still get it every now and then.

I need to go back to my Dentist already (my Dentist owes me a tooth on my upper right molar). I want veneers on my lower front teeth.

For my Orthopedic Doctor, I need to have my right arm check. When I was 10 years old while playing with my older sister, I broke my right arm (in between my elbow and my shoulder). I was in a cast for many months in fact I had to stop going to school because I couldn’t write. So, I missed school for 1 year and had to take grade 4 twice.

Anyway, for 2 weeks already it has been so painful. At first I thought it was because of my position when I sleep (I might have slept on it) and thought that the pain will go away. But it didn’t. The pain is getting worst and I need to have it check. Hopefully no cast!

And hopefully I will find time next week.

I still think of my brother (the one who died) everyday. Sometimes I end up crying. This morning I was chatting with my sisters on Viber and they, too, have been thinking of him and crying also. Roxanne told me it’s going to take awhile for me to stop grieving. It took her 6 months to get over the death of her Mom a few years ago.

I don’t want to stop thinking of him. I just want to be able to think of him and not hurt and get sad. I know he’s happy now and free of pain.

I am so crazy with chokers these days. I bought a few when I was in Tokyo (the leather ones). So, I’m bringing out our Serendipity Chokers again. I’ll blog about it tomorrow.

I guess that’s all for now. It’s friday!

Have a great week end everyone. Love you all!

Ending my day



  • Hi Ms. T! I’ve been a silent reader for a long time. I hope you go for RoRo all the way. Leni may have only been in politics for a few years but during her term in congress, she has filed and passed so many bills, daig pa niya yung mga datihan na. Even before politics, she has already dedicated her life to public service, she has been a lawyer to the poor. I believe their tandem is really the best for the country, Mar with his expertise in economics and diplomatic relations and Leni with her experience with law and justice at the grassroots level, and together their history of making policies that benefit the most Filipinos. I really hope you consider her. God bless! XOXO

  • When you grieve Time is not a healer, Time is the teacher, it teaches you to walk along with your grief and in time it eases the pain, you remember fun times together, fond memories that molded your lives together. My dad died in 1994 and yet most days I still talked about him good memories lingers and that’s how my husband who never met him knows the kind of person he was. In time Ms. T the pain will ease and when you think of your brother you will not cry but will smile with fondness. Take care.

  • ive been out of the loop a while.

    i lost my sister last march 24, maundy thursday. im still in a state of suspended disbelief, to be honest.

    it will take a long while. im still grieving the loss of both my mom and dad, and it has been years.

  • Hi Ms T! When I saw the title of this article, the first thought that entered my mind was that you’re going to have a meet-and-greet with some lucky readers of your blog:-)
    Yay, Mar Roxas for President:-) Make it RoRo:-)
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday:-)

  • yah, meet and greet would be a good idea…you’re nice ms. tin

  • Wala naman deadline ang pag grieve… We have different levels of healing..My mom died last sept — and dad followed a month after…aged 74 and 84 — everyone says bonus na yun.. sigh… I still cry –7 months after …but i pray everytime i miss them.. I feel u ms T! … Ill pray for you and your family.. God bless!

    • Hi, Lucy! What you went thru is not even half of what I went thru. I can just imagine the pain. I’m teary eyed writing this to you.
      In the mass today I was crying again cos I remembered my brother.
      You’re right walang deadline ang pag grieve. Pero ang sakit talaga. Ang sakit sakit.
      Thanks. I feel you too. πŸ˜˜πŸ’πŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸŒ·

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