Super Manic Monday

This is my busiest Monday of the year.

I woke up around 6:00am but stood up around 6:30am. I had my usual. Coffee and read emails, check messages, Facebook and Instagram. By 7:00am my day was already in shambles.

Do you believe in the saying: when it rains, it pours? I do now. ’cause that’s what happened to me today.

First on my list was work on our Canadian Visa. Actually, yesterday (Sunday) afternoon I already started filling up all the forms. I finished filling up the forms (Application forms & Family Info forms) last night. All I needed to do was email it to our travel agent today. I saved the Family Info form but I couldn’t find it anymore. Every time I clicked it, it was all blank. So, I hurriedly filled up the form for all of us again.

That started my day. Freaking out. My stress level was already half way maximum.

But by 8:30am my stress level went on full gear.

Vinny and Claudia are going to London (for business) after our Vancouver trip and when I spoke to our travel agent she told me we are running out of time. Canadian Visa takes 3 weeks (more or less) and British Visa takes about the same time.

We are leaving for Vancouver end of May. Vito’s graduation is on June 1 and Claudia and Vinny’s trip to London is on June 6. So, before we leave for Vancouver they have to have their British Visa with them.

We all got stressed. By 10:00 am we all decided that they apply Canadian Visa first and hope that it got release early. Then apply their British Visa and hope again that it will be release before we leave for Vancouver.

After all those got sort out (more or less) I needed to do a lot of banking stuff. Sent Joshua to pick up payment that was sent to me thru MHLuiller. Sent him to deposit all payments from the week end. After all those banking stuff I sent him to the shop to pick up some jewelries that was due for delivery today.

When he arrived I had to pack the jewelries for delivery.

In between all that, I answered some inquires and listed down all orders and picking up calls from our travel agent who was editing our application forms.

I could hardly squeeze in lunch.

Tomorrow should be okay. I hope.

Today is all about hoping. Freaking out and hope for the best.

Oh, I went to have my picture taken for our visa that’s why I had to wear something with collar.





Top: Ralph Lauren  |  White Jeans: Zara  |  Shoes: Valentino Rock Stud  |  Bag: Givenchy Anitgona  |  Earrings: Bvlgari  |  Hermes Clic Clac  |  Willow Jewelry Roman Numerals Bangle  |  Willow Jewelry Serpent Ring  |  Watch: Cartier


  • Canadian visa will only take a week ( 3 days even when application is done online). Very efficient system.

      • Hi ms. Tina. Yes, I did online application around August last year. Submitted online application with scanned documents. I received notice 3 days later to bring my passport to service center in makati. 2 days later, I received email that it was being couriered back to me with the visa already. Sometimes, it takes longer thru travel agencies because they bring the applications by batches and personally (so maybe that takes longer). Just sharing my experience that online application was very easy and fast, not 6 weeks as the your agency said. You just really have to have your documents scanned and ready in the formats that they want. I’m not that computer savvy but it was easy to follow their directions. Best of luck ms Tina.

      • Thanks for your tip!
        I am impress by the way you applied yours. Ang bilis. When time is of essence I get rattled and I can’t think straight. Vinny and Claudia’s trip to London is last minute. That’s why I am very stress.
        I hope we will get ours as fast as yours!
        Thanks again!

  • Good luck Ms. T! It’s such a painful experience to get a visa.

    Enjoy Canada when you get here! Sayang you won’t be in Toronto 😦 I wish I can meet you in person.

    • You are right Christine. Getting a visa is so painful! It’s the part of traveling I hate the most! Sometimes I wish sana blue passport na lang kami. No visa needed anywhere!
      I hope to meet you in person too! But this is going to be just a quick trip for me. Next time!

  • There’s an expedite option ata for UK Visa, 1 week for USD 1,000 ata, I forgot sorry. They usually say 3 weeks for regular, but got mine a little. UK and Canadian visa applications are efficient. Try not to worry 😊

    • Omg! Thank you so much!!!! I am so stressed about this already. This is a great help. Is the Canadian visa 3 weeks also? Would you recommend we do it on our own?

  • Miss T, I have a friend who chose to expedite her UK Visa – much expensive but she got it in more or less 5 days. She went to the embassy herself, super fast and efficient daw the processing. Not sure for Canadian visa though.

  • Hi Miss Tina, Canadian Visa is done online, I think even your travel agent will do it online…
    Check their online website to list down all requirements,… once you have all the requirements, prepare, then upload (pdf file) on their website (there’s an instruction, super easy lang…). Once uploaded, they CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) will send you an email (approved application) instructing you where to send to passport (usually their authorized courier will get your passport). And in less than a week, you will get your visa.

    This is my first time to comment and I am your regular reader. I hope this helps… Enjoy Vancouver BC…


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