Product Review: NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

Like I mentioned to you I have been looking for a light weight foundation that I can use this summer.

During summer months I really don’t like to put on so much make up. Especially foundation.

I found my holy grail for light weigh foundation (aside from Chanel Vita Lumière Aqua)! Now I can let me Vita Lumière Aqua rest.

For the past 3 days I have been using NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer that I got in Tokyo and I love it!

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer


It feels so light, I look so glowy and radiant and my skin feels so hydrated.

I’ve heard about this product a lot and the reviews are all good but I never gave it a chance ’cause I love my L’Oreal Infallible and my L’Oreal True Match. I also love my Laura Mercier Oil Free Supremè foundation. And for summer months I always use my Vita Lumière Aqua.

I am already very satisfied with the foundations that I am using now. So, basically I am not in the market for a new foundation.

When I was in the NARS counter in Takashimaya the sales girl there talked me into buying this product. But what really sold me to this is when she said that it has already been proven that it can reduce the appearance of discoloration and dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation. And the fact that this is a moisturizer.

So, I thought this is a win win situation.

I am really glad I decided to pick this up ’cause I’ve never look this radiant in my life. I look so glowy but not oily. And it is so hydrating. My skin loves it.

Here’s the proof (I wore it today when I went to lunch with my friend Lissa V).




I looked so fresh even if it was so hot outside (I believe we were in the 40’s again today).

My foundation stayed put (it didn’t melt) even with the heat. I did not crease and my face was so radiant.

So, if I were you run to the nearest NARS counter and treat yourself. Your skin will thank you!


  • I was considering this option for foundation, but it’s only SPF30. As much as possible, I want to use SPF50 on my face.

      • SPF factors are not additive. Some people think that you only get the highest of the two factors, others think that you get the average, but it’s never the sum of the SPFs, I’m afraid. In your case, the maximum you get is still SPF30. The worst part is that some sunscreen ingredients neutralize or degrade one another, rendering one or both sunscreens ineffective, leaving with you with less sun protection than if you’d stuck with one SPF product.

      • The studies haven’t been conclusive, but it’s widely accepted that the factors are probably not additive. Personally, because I’m afraid of multiple sunscreens reacting with one another and rendering each other ineffective, I just use one product with an SPF (50 and PA++++). The rest of the products I use on my face have no sun protection.

      • Thanks for the reply Tina. I am thinking we might be skin twins because you also use Nars concealer in ginger. I went to Sephora to return a couple of items from my recent haul after they just had the VIB sale this week, and thought I’d check out this tinted moisturizer after you wrote about it. I love it! But I think I got the wrong color in Alaska as it was a bit pale. So I’m gong back to try Groenland. Thanks for recommending this. I also want to point out, if you like nars ginger, Tarte Maracuja Creaseless concealer in medium is a very close match and even creamier than nars radiant concealer. I am finding I use that more now than Nars. I also have it in light-medium neutral if I want it for a brightening under eye concealer just like custard.

      • I am so happy you like it! I super like it too. Try Groenland it might be your shade.
        I heard about Tarte’s Maracuja. But haven’t tried it yet. Okay, will try it. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Hi! I have been using organic products for my skin care. For sunblock I am using Andalou Naturals Facial Serum. It’s a face serum with spf 30

    • This is the first NARS foundation that I have tried. Altho’ I have the Sheer Glow Foundation (the one that comes in a bottle) but I haven’t use it yet.
      I should be using it already ‘cos I really love the Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer.
      I want to buy also the Velvet Matte Skin Tint. I heard it’s good too.

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