Summer Lovin’ Willow Jewelry Necklaces

We continue to bring out more of our summer jewelries!

Here are our new batch of necklaces that’s nice to wear this summer (actually not only summer, you can wear these anytime of the year)!

Sunflower Necklace, Half Moon Necklace, & Sun Necklace





Here’s a closer look:

Sunflower Necklace


Half Moon Necklace


Sun Necklace


You can wear them all together for a boho chic look!



These are sold individually. But you can stack them especially the Sun Necklace and the Half Moon Necklace.

This is gold plated and we also have these in sterling silver. Our standard length of chain is 18 inches. Longer chains are also available.

Please email us at for your orders and inquiries!


    • Hi, Eve!


      The lipstick I’m using is Sleek Matte Me lipstick in the shade Birthday Suit. You can get this in Watsons SM Makati.

  • dear ms t,
    i know this is not an ootd and ive been waiting for days for someone to ask you where you got the skirt. but i couldn’t contain it anymore haha. appreciate if you could share with us where you got that colorful long skirt please.
    btw, i got the ines dress just in time for my china trip. i wore it w maroon doc martens boots. everyone said it’s so chic! maraming salamat. youre an inspiration!

    • Hi, Marie!
      Yay you got the Ines dress! A lot didn’t.

      I got the skirt from Forever 21 a few years ago! I don’t think you can find this particular skirt but try to drop by F 21 once in awhile they always have nice long colorful skirts all the time.

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