2 things today (aside from our Camellia Earrings)

We’re right smack in the middle of summer. The only place I want to be right now is by the beach.

If only.

But life goes on. Life goes on in the city for me and bear the summer heat. No beach dreaming and face reality.

In short go back to work.

Anyway, since it’s been so hot the past days I have been wearing nothing else but shorts. I cannot stand the feel of any clothing in my body. The only thing my body will and can take is only shorts and tank top. Nothing else.

So, I avoid going to places where I have to dress up.

I went to do my grocery today.

I wore our Camellia Earrings with stones. To the grocery. In shorts and tank top. Love it.






There are 2 things I like in what I’m wearing today (aside from our Camellia earrings).

I love this Ice Blue Rayban. I have been looking for this specific color since last year and I couldn’t find it anywhere. It was always out of stock online and I couldn’t find it here in Manila. I first saw this in Hongkong last year. I was choosing between this color and the purple one. And I chose the purple. Of course I love the purple also. But I felt I needed this in my life, too. I searched for this everywhere and found it in Tokyo. I grabbed it right away. “this is mine!”


Isn’t it so nice? Love it.

The second item that I like in my outfit today is my necklace. I got this in Tokyo. I super love it. It is just so dainty. Even if you wear it on it’s own it would still look nice. So simple and yet so elegant.

I showed this to our goldsmith and asked him if we can do this and he said yes. So, if you guys are interested in this tiny cross necklace just let me know!


It has 3 tiny stones. On top of the cross and on both sides. This is so light that you don’t feel like your wearing any jewelry.

Love it.

My brother and his family is arriving tomorrow and will be staying with me before going up to Baguio. I’m so excited!

Top: Zara  |  Shorts: H&M  |  Sandals: H&M  |  Bag: Givenchy  |  Sunglasses: Rayban  |  Willow Jewelry Camellia Earrings


  • Hi Ms. T–I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and have always been impressed with your sense of style and hope to emulate the same. I hope you are not offended, however, and I say this out of concern–you may want to consult with your lawyers or any friend with a legal background regarding some of your products. Similar to how you intend to copy the cross necklace that you bought in Tokyo, I have noticed that you have previously adopted styles/logos from famous designers/brands i.e. Chanel. Please note that these companies take intellectual property rights and issues seriously. I know you just want to share your good finds with your readers and customers but I strongly feel about IP rights and would hate to see you be in hot water for unintentional infringement or violations and the like. Thank you!

    • Hi, Lala!

      Thanks for you concern! I have not copied any famous designer brands. The cross necklace that I bought in Tokyo is not a big designer brand otherwise I would have stated it. I just bought it in a shop that sells costume jewelries. Which I’m sure they copied it from somewhere. The cross necklace has been copied so many times in different designs.

      If you have noticed there are lots of cross necklace design. We have the vertical cross also which everyone is doing.

      Willow Jewelry have not copied any Chanel jewelry or any logos of any big designer brands.

      Again thanks!

  • When I was still living in Manila, I just avoid going anywhere far especially during summer. I don’t want to dress and be drenched in sweat (baskil girl here). I just stay home or go to work, that’s it. I don’t wear make-up even if I want to, because it’ll be totally useless.

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