Willow Jewelry: Camellia Earrings

We have 2 new Camellia earrings for our summer collection. It’s so pretty. I love it!

It’s nice to wear with casual outfits and if you want to dress up your outfit for the night. Simple, fun and yet elegant. Just the way I like it.

Every item we have in Willow Jewelry are chosen by me. These are the  jewelries that I personally wear and the jewelries that suits my personal style.




How beautiful is this?

We can make this without stones too. This is similar to our first Camellia earrings. The first one is flat while this one is curve. Both are nice.

Camellia Hoop Earrings




This is our Camellia Hoop earrings. We do this in 14k gold, gold plate and sterling silver. I super love this. It’s so dainty, fun and so simple (yet pretty).

I wore it the other day and it looked so young and fresh. I’ve always loved hoop earrings and this one is different ’cause it is a camellia design.


For your inquiries and orders, please email us at: willowjewelrybrand@gmail.com

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