Matsumoto Kiyoshi

One of the things that was priority on my list when I went to Tokyo was visit at least one drugstore. I wanted to hoard on false eye lashes. Not so much on make up. Not unless if I was in Korea, the #1 on my list would be make up.

I wear falsies (false eye lashes) all the time. I enjoy wearing them. It makes me feel more a woman. It defines my eyes more.

Even if I have beautiful eye lashes  (which I don’t) I think I would still wear falsies.

I don’t typically wear  full strip lashes. I only wear outer corner falsies. And you find good outer corner falsies anywhere in Japan.

So, the minute I landed in Tokyo I was already on a hunt. I have to visit at least 1 drugstore.

We found one in Ginza, Matsumoto Kiyoshi. It’s like Watson’s in Hongkong or CVS, Walgreens, Duane Read, etc. in the U.S.

The kids left me there one afternoon. They didn’t want to wait for me ’cause they know I would take long.

I turned that store upside down when I was there. I took time to look at everything they had. Even medicines! hahaha.

Anyway, I didn’t wipe out their eye lashes shelves like what Lisa Eldridge did. Lisa Eldridge (a famous British make up artist and a YouTube beauty guru) was in Tokyo the time I was there and I would see her on TV every night. She wiped out all the eye lashes shelves anywhere she went. While watching her on TV I was literally screaming: “hoy, tirhan mo ako!”

I was able to pick up a few boxes of falsies in Matsumoto Kiyoshi. Not that much, inubos na ni Lisa Eldridge. Hahahaha. Seriously, there was not a lot of brands in Matsumoto Kiyoshi. So, I got a few of what they had that I liked.





I also picked up different eyeliners that I found interesting. I could not understand anything written on the packaging ’cause it was all in Japanese. Basta tinancha tancha ko na lang. At least the colors of the eye liners were in english.

I also picked up 2 Maybelline products, 1 eyebrow liner and 1 mascara.





Eyebrow Pencil




I think this Lash Sensational is available here in Manila. I’m not sure. But I think I saw this here.

And I picked 2 lip balms that I found so cute. Vaseline minis. Vinny and Claudia’s lips were so dry and chapped when we were there.


That’s all I got from Matsumoto Kiyoshi. Actually, there were a lot of drugstores and wastelands that we passed by anywhere we went but I didn’t have any gana to go in anymore. It’s usually small spaces filled with so much people. And I can’t be bothered.



Top: The Shel’tter Tokyo  |  Denim Shorts: H&M  |  Slip Ons: H&M  |  Bag: The Shel’tter Tokyo  |  Hermes Clic Clac  |  Willow Jewelry Earrings  |  Choker: The Shel’tter Tokyo  |  Sunglasses: Tom Ford  |  Watch: bought it in a shop in the side streets in Ometesando


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