My shopping experience in Uniqlo Ginza

The first store that I went to when I was in Tokyo was Uniqlo. Because I needed to buy some heat tech. I needed to get warm. A.S.A.P.

So, Vinny dragged me to Ginza where the biggest Uniqlo is on our official first day. We got to Tokyo midnight of March 23. So, our official first day was the following day.

The stores in Ginza opens at 11:00am. And there were already buses full of mainland Chinese shoppers when we got there (waiting for the stores to open). When I saw these mainlanders I kinda got discouraged already. I know how these mainlanders shop because there’s a lot of them in Hongkong.

Vinny and I walked around the streets of Ginza waiting for the stores to open and looking for a drugstore ’cause he wanted to buy a nail cutter and I was looking for money changer.

At exactly 11:00am the stores opened and Vinny and I went straight to Uniqlo.

I was so shocked when I saw the building of Uniqlo. It was huge. 12 floors!

Uniqlo building in Ginza


When we went inside Vinny said Mom, let’s separate. I’ll go to the mens floor and just text me when you’re done.

Uniqlo’s collaboration with Liberty London was already out. So, that’s what you see on the ground floor.

I checked it out but I didn’t like it. I liked the mens long sleeves shirts. They had the famous Liberty London prints in long sleeves shirts for mens. And for women’s the only thing I liked was the neon green cropped pants. But I didn’t get anything from their Liberty London collab.

On the ground floor they also had their Lemaire collection. Which I also didn’t like. I only got 1 item from their Lemaire collection. A white top.

When I went to the other floors that’s when I saw a lot of nice stuff. Most of them we have it here in our local Uniqlo. I was looking for their Inès dela Fressange collection. I went to all floors but there was none. I was so frustrated ’cause that was what I was so excited about.

I was able to pick up a few items mostly their culottes. And some nice linen dresses. Here is one of the linen dresses that I picked which I wore yesterday (Sunday).




Linen Dress: Uniqlo  |  Sneakers: H&M  |  Bag: Givenchy Antigona  |  Sunglasses: Rayban  |  Choker: The Shel’tter Tokyo  |  Vita Fede Titan Necklace  |  Willow Jewelry Earrings  |  Vita Fede Titan Bangle  |  Watch: Generic (bought it in one of the shops in the side streets in Ometesando


  • I had a hard time shopping in Uniqlo last Feb. I didn’t like a lot of their stocks. Only the heat tech and on sale for once! Toronto is so behind. We don’t even have a Uniqlo..yet..coming late this year. Philippines has better stores!

    • Hi, Christine! Actually, Uniqlo Ginza is overwhelming! I went there for the heat tech and the Inès collab.
      I was able to get some nice stuff tho. But nothing from Liberty London collab. It was ugly! The mens was better. They even had nice mens shorts from the collab.
      Oh well, I got my heat tech which was important for me at that time!
      I was just so overwhelmed with the 12 floors! Ibang klase.

  • love the fendi monster bug charm, miss t! you are just simply elegant. my fashion inspiration 🙂

    hope to meet u miss t. if i bump into you somewhere, can i say hi??? haha

      • yey, miss at! i will definitely say hi esp. now that i know you wouldnt mind. may kasamang papicture pa! haha

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