Shopping in cold Tokyo

The part I hate the most after taking a vacation is when you have to go back to your normal schedule. It’s just so difficult to go back where you left off.

Getting out of bed is another story.

I can’t afford to get lazy anymore. I need to get on my feet (ASAP) whether I like it or not.

I left so many pending orders that I have to attend to. ASAP.

The other thing I hate is unpacking. I’ve been home for 3 days already and I haven’t unpack yet. The only thing I have done so far is give my dirty clothes to our labandera (laundry girl). But the rest is still in my suitcase.

All the stuff that I shopped are still in my suitcase and I don’t know where to start. So, for now I’ll just leave it there and dig on it when I find time.

I did shopped quite a bit (inspite of feeling cold). I really have to find time to unload.

Our hotel (Shangri la Tokyo) was just a block away from Ginza (high end shopping district). This is where Vinny dragged me on our first day. The day I thought I was going to die of hypothermia. The day Claudia told me to chill ’cause I was freaking out in the street ’cause I was feeling so cold.

I need you to chill Mom. How can I chill I am already chilled!

Claudia brought me to another shopping area, Ometesando. And I like it better there. In fact I love it there! It also has a lot of high end shops and what I like the most are the side streets, a village that they turned the old houses into shops. Aside from the high end brands they also have a lot of local brands, vintage shops, wasteland, authentic Japanese restos and just about everything!

I enjoyed shopping in Ometesando more than in Ginza only because this area hasn’t been invaded by mainland Chinese. Not like in Ginza where the mainland Chinese comes in big buses (one of the reasons why I don’t like Hongkong anymore).

Ometesando is mostly young people. And I love the local brand shops there. I basically love the vibe there.

Here are some shots that I took (I really didn’t take a lot of photos in this trip. I was mostly curled up everytime we were out because it was really cold).

Ometesando’s main street


Did you see the crowd ahead of us? Yikes.



An old building that they turned into a mini mall.



The side streets



Claudia’s favorite local brand store (she went crazy here. Okay, and me too)


We really had so much fun in this trip. Just like most of our trips. Jean (Stephano) was with us so it even made it more fun. ‘Cause if Claudia is happy, everybody is happy.


By the way, the weather got better in our last 2 days . Partly because Jean went home ahead (he had to spend easter with his family) and left his big warm coat with Claudia and I end up wearing it. yay!


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