Touch base

We flew in from Tokyo, noon last Monday, March 28, 2016.

I was so scared coming home to a scorching summer heat coming from a very cold Tokyo weather at 4 degrees. I was so shocked when we got out of the airport and we we were greeted by a breezy, cloudy and not humid Manila weather.

2 days after it’s still the same. I’m loving the weather here now. Love it. I’ve never enjoyed Manila weather like now. I hope it stays like this the whole summer tho’.

Tokyo was really cold. It was my first time to have gone to a place where it was 1 digit the whole time we were there.

Like I have told you guys I don’t like cold countries. We always make sure that if we travel it’s spring or summer and sometime autumn.

I don’t own a single winter coat in my wardrobe. Not a single one.

All my coats are for spring and autumn. So, that’s what I brought with me. So you can just imagine how cold I was the entire trip. I really thought I was gonna die of hypothermia. No kidding.

Anyway, I just want to let you know that I am back and I have so many things to do and I don’t know where to start.

I have a lot of kwentos of course. But that’s gonna come in the next few days.

I am just touching base.

Glad to be back home.






    • Yes, I did Christine! Man, it was the coldest I’ve ever been to! Lessons learned. At least now I know a little about dressing up in winter.
      When we left I heard this week it’s not as cold anymore!

  • I love going on vacation during winter. It’s the only time I get to wear boots and nice winter coats 😛 What I don’t like about traveling during winter though is that it really makes my skin so so dry 😦

  • Cold is my enemy too! Which is a pity because I’d really like to learn to ski. The last time we tried that I ended up hanging out malapit sa mga outdoor fire pits with my nose dripping the entire time. Mas magaling pa maliliit ko’ng cousins who were rolling around in the snow.

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